Rickson is not Fighting EVER okay!

I'm so sick of these threads and it always seems to be people with very low post counts but c'mon already!!!

Rickson is in his early forties and his fighting years are way way behind him.

He has no reason to fight,he makes a shitload of money teaching and with his legendary name why should he?

The japanese have tried to get him to fight but it would take a astronomical amount for him to fight or it would of happen already.


Humoungous, want to put your screename on the line behind that statement. I say he fights

" Rickson fighting a top 10 guy is about as likely as COBRA hatching a plot to overthrow the world with chia pets."

This is VERY likely, you don't know...

Rickson will not fight again

Rickson will once again find an "Aura" in a Japanese Ham n Egger.

Point taken