Rickson Losing to a Tomato Can

I just thought of this. Doesnt he have MORE to lose if some no-name fighter somehow pulls off a KO or a submission? I know it's highly improbable, considering the low-calibre type fighters he faces, but imagine you're the "living legend" of the Gracie family....and instead of being submitted by Sakuraba, KO'd by Silva or Cro Cop, you're beaten by a BUM!!! With the exception of worked fights, how could a fighter NOT think about this? I mean, as good as we all get, upsets DO happen and there is ALWAYS a possibility of getting caught by a beginner or someone not that advanced. Just something to think about.

Sumo guy no fights, chances are really low I would say. But if it happens I will LOL, not at Rickson, but at everyone that thinks he is unbeatable.

Who in the blue hell is Manny Reyes and why are you hijacking my thread?