Rickson Privates?

Does anyone know the cost of Rickson privates? Does he still regularly teach group classes? Thanks!

"Does anyone know the cost of Rickson privates?"

I am not sure he does that sort of thing for money

I train at Rickson's academy in west L.A. I am pretty sure he doesn't teach privates at all. He teaches at his academy maybe a couple of times per month. Sometimes it can be more often, and sometimes he doesn't show up for months straight, particularly if he is off traveling to Brazil or Japan.

There are three very good black belts that teach the daily classes:

Mario Aiello (BB under Royler; Mario used to roll for Gracie Humaite)

Mauricio Costa (BB under Rickson)

Chris Saunders but teaches the self-defense class only on Monday nights (BB under Rickson; first American to get a BB from Rickson).

These guys are all extremely gifted BJJ athletes and fine teachers.

Go Rickson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Seminar for association members in December



What about Luis Heridia (Limao)? Does he have his own school?

Limao is in Hawaii:

Luis Heredia
Shape Maker Fitness (Tu & Th)
Maui Jiu-Jitsu
250 Alamaha St. #N3
Kahului, Maui, HI

Luis Heredia
North Shore Movement Art (M,W,F)
Maui Jiu-Jitsu
Haiku Market Place Cannery
Corner of Kokomo & Hahiku
Haiku, Maui, HI



I trained with Luis Heredia. He is an excellent instructor


Just out of curiosity, how much does it cost per month to train at Rickson's?

Check out www.rickson.com for rates and schedules, etc. It varies depending how often you train, if you pay up front for a 1 year contract, etc.

It is kinda confusing.

i know someone who use to take privates with rickson and then it was $300 an hour. now i heard it is up to $500 but i don't know if that is true...

I heard it was $400 an hour for private lessons with Rickson and that despite the exobitant price, he is still booked solid for months.

i doubt he is doing that well.

i heard the same thing - rickson is booked for privates.

Why would you doubt he is doing that well ?

Rorion gets $250 / hour for his privates and I am sure he has quite a few.

Rickson has an even greater legend and the fact that he is harder to get a hold of makes the price that much more justifiable.

Supply and Demand.

"Rorion gets $250 / hour for his privates and I am sure he has quite a few."

I thought that kind of thing was illegal.

because if rickson was making as much from his seminars,privates,association, and academy as people say he is, hed be a millionaire, and he is not.

How do you know he is not a millionaire?