Rickson Privates?

if you were a millionaire would you still be working?

I wish I could get paid huge dollars for doing something I love like Rickson is doing with his Jiu-Jitsu---I'd quit my job today.

I am confident that Rickson does NOT give private lessons at all.

See my prior post in this same thread.

Usurper, I have a mate who is worth in the region of 60 bar ($60 000 000), he is 34 and still works. Food for thought.

"Rorion gets $250 / hour for his privates and I am sure he has quite a few."
I thought that kind of thing was illegal. "

Now, that's funny.

Do some of these guys who charge an arm and a leg for private lessons allow you to at least videotape the session so you can review it later? I have heard some instructors don't even let you take notes. Once the private is over, you're left to remember what you can from the memory of the event.

For that kind of money, I would think that would be allowed.

Carlos Machado charges 300 an hour in Dallas. So I could see Rickson charging 400 in LA.

Thats crazy to pay in the hundreds for privates. On the BTT website you can get privates from Sperry, Busta, or Mino for $100. I would take 3 or 4 of those rather then just one.

too much money IMO.

Carlson Sr only charges $150 Hr. Who have the other guys produced?

Saulo charges $150 (benzo)

3-400 dollars for a one hour private is insulting. What someone's willing to pay is what these guys will take. There's some dumb mofo's out there.

3 - 400 bucks, fuck that I can get a 3some in a brothel for that much, hell maybe even a 4some.

I am by no means a Rickson fan, but the guy is a legend in his field of expertise and he prices accordingly.

It's like people willing to pay $200,000 to have lunch with Warren Buffet. Albeit, it is for charity, but still, you get the idea.

If you were rich and a football fan, how much would you pay to have Brett Favre coach you for an afternoon or how about Michael Jordan? How about going 18 holes with Tiger Woods and have him give you some tips for your golf game along the way???

Rickson doesn't price himself to accomdate the people coming off the streets. He prices himself for his rich/celebrity clientele.

If I had some of my debts paid off and could be CERTAIN that Rickson would do his best in the private to help me, I would pay the money.

LOL! Somehow, I dont think it would be the same.

Ok I have $200, $400 and he doesn't give privates anymore - LOL

Luis Heredia is one of the COOLEST GUYS ever he taught me about 90% of the jiu jitsu I know and hands down of the best teachers in the world... Rickson is also a very very cool guy.. He is by far the best JJ instructor and fighter in the world... I've also trained under Jason Krikorian by far one of if not the best american students under Rickson for years.. no downplay on the rest.. Henry Atkins is also a badass along w/ Tiago.. and Andrea.., Kai Garcia.. Beau Hirshburger.. and Maurici Costa is a Black Belt now... much props to the RICKSON TEAM.. and RIP ROCKSON. much love to the RICKSON GRACIE FAMILY they changed my life ..

I would for sure do it. I won't be content until I have rolled with Rickson. It is on my list of things to do in my life time. 500 would be worth it for me. not on the spot though I have to save up my allowance, married life sucks that way.

$500!!! Geez you guys are nuts! I'm sure there is no difference between a Rickson private and a Renzo private unless your a VERY high level black belt! I don't think I would be able to learn anything "better" from Rickson as I would from Renzo or Royler because i'm not even close to that level of understanding BJJ.

Here's another scenario: Would a white belt learn just as much from a purple belt as he would from a black belt? YES.

It would be nice to have a roll with Rickson just to say I've done it... but honestly... I don't think he would kick my @ss any differently than say Jeff Curran would. Either person would thrash me like there is no tomorrow.

Move to the North and you can get all the training you want!