Rickson Quick Sketch

Hi everyone, been a while since Ive posted. Here is a very quick pencil sketch of Rickson...about 30 minutes...now back to work...grrrrr Manny http://mannyart.homestead.com/ricksonsketch.html


Manny...good to see you around again! Very nice stuff as always. I really like the white on a colored background. It amazes me what you can do in half an hour.


Big "AURA"!!!!

thats an awesome talent, i wish i could draw. Tom D.

Wow... in that pic, you can really see the family resemblance to Rorian.

Stickman you beat me too it

Nice. It's like a rough edged anime version of Rickson. Good job!

That is badass!

Thanks guys...fun to grab some pencils and leave the computer for a while...Manny

awesome shit.

Manny that is sick bro. email me if you get a chance idolonmedia@yahoo.com


That is awesome. If you do work like this for hire, please email me at: andrehanderson@hotmail.com

Excellent work Manny!



That would look great on a T-shirt.

Man, that is just amazing. Some people have real and undeniable talent.

yo send that to rickson