Rickson rolling with Rolls Gracie

From what i've heard he is the guy who really took Rickson to the next level and was even better than Rickson

OP is "jeopardizing my patience" with this Rickson insult.

Rolls was by far the best Gracie both in attitude and skill. Phone Post 3.0

nice foot sweep at the beginning.  I love how the little kids are just walking around the edge of the mat.  Thats how you make little badasses.  

White belts? Phone Post 3.0

I've also heard Rolls was the best Phone Post 3.0

Rolls was the best but Rickson was very young 17-18 and getting better it's too bad Rolls passed way to early

he was ahead of the game adding wrestling and crosstraing other arts

KidPittsburgh - OP is "jeopardizing my patience" with this Rickson insult.
Lol Phone Post 3.0

My old coach (a long time blackbelt and trainer to many world champs)who trained with Rolls for a number of years, said that the best thing about Rolls was his personality, his bjj was pretty average but he was a hell nice guy.

His BJJ was pretty average?

Average in a Mount Olympus kind of way? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, whe he told me I was pretty shocked too, but he certainly didn't have a vendetta against him or anything saying good things about him. Im stunned and like "but his jiu jitsu wasn't very good?" he replied "not very good, no" and just kept going on about what a great bloke he was.
And this was from a very credible source.
Just another part of the Gracie hype I suppose

Shotta - Average in a Mount Olympus kind of way? Phone Post 3.0

Well, maybe exactly that, yeah.
As I said, he was coach to many world champions.
So maybe he was talking relative to him and them.

I can't believe I'm in first but.......

Eddie Bravo via electric chair ;-) Phone Post