Rickson rolls with Sauer then talks (vid)


i had never seen this before. very cool.





My copy of that was very ratty, I couldn't make out much other than Rickson taking his back from n/s....I also missed out on everything Rickson was saying other than "Tighter, tighter, tighter."

Good to see a better copy.

for later


it was badass when he was saying "tighter, tighter, tighter, tighter, and tighter until the end."

and "what i do with him, i never met nobody who i cannot do it"

love the back take from north south at :50


bonez05 - love the back take from north south at :50

Used this tonight in honor of this thread, forgot what a slick move that is!

Oh, and the "I never met nobody..." quote needs to be made into a t-shirt with Rickson's picture, which I will buy...

ttt lata



The good old days. The old state street school in SLC Ut. That footage is well over ten years ago. Cool to see again.


That room full of white belts must all be black belts by now.