Rickson & Royler Demo????

Does anyone know which Pride Rickson and Royler do their Gracie Jiu Jitsu demo?


you probably already have the answer by now, but it is pride 5.

great exibition in my opinion. i show it to people when i want to show them the pure form of brazilian jiu-jitsu.

2 OR 3

pilot, its pride FIVE, not "2 or 3"

Dyingbreed, sorry it's not of signifigant importance to me what PRIDE it was in, nor would it be important to "PILOT its not "in 2 or 3" it's PRIDE 5". Log off computer, go outside dork.

lmfao! dude, why did you get so pissed? sounds like its YOU that needs to log off. besides, its cold outside man.


ttt for braz

5, it's the same one where Sakuraba beats the crap out of Vitor Belfort

he may fight an even MORE boring one before his career is over peixes

Vitor broke the crap out of his thumb early on in the fight and didn't throw any hard shots until recently.

In "The Smashing Machine" (extras on the dvd) there is a good sequence of Renzo and Ryan doing some fast paced rolling to submission. Good shit.

oh yeah, that is out now on dvd! i almost forgot!

"yeah, in the most boring fight sakuraba has ever been in... by far... "

I actually like the Vitor fight,I felt Gilles Arsene was the most boring fight Saku ever had


yea really. Saku vs Belfort was a pretty good fight.

It was no Newton/Saku but it wasn't that boring.