Rickson TO Japan With Royler

royler is going to japan with his boxing coach and a fellow bjj bb. I did not hear rickson name as far as attending the event as part of roylers team. Did rickson train royler for this fight? If not why?

Rickson lives in California, Royler lives in Brazil. The Gracies have said so many times that they cant just train together whenever they want. They are all pretty busy running their own business. I would be surprised if Rickson was not in Roylers corner though. I did raise an eyebrow when I saw Ricksons name left off of that list of people going to Japan with Royler.

lol I didn't even know Royler was fighting. Who is he fighting and when??

Royler is one of the best grapplers in his weightclass without a doubt. He is a dangerous opponent for anyone in his weightclass.

Royler is fighting Genki Sudo and yes Genki is a great match for Royler. Should be great. Royler will be giving up weight and I don't know if he'll have enough time to get the fight on the mat and finish it. Royler is known for good takedowns though but we'll see how much the difference in strength affects him.

Royler has had marginal success in MMA. He choked out Asahi when Asahi was in his prime (1996) and fought sparatically since . His last fight was three years ago against Murahama and I haven't seen the bout.

hes not mr mma, so i wont bet on royler. i have great respect for him but mma is not his thing.

K-1 didn't pay Rickson's appearance fee :(

Good fight! Genki vs Royler will be a war!!

"Royler wants real people in his corner, no need for cowards!"

Posted by an anonymous person behind a computer. Now that is irony.

I think that Royler had about 2 weeks between signing and fighting, right? That means that since you lose a day training when you fly to Cali (time in jet, waiting in airport, etc.), coupled with Royler/Rickson being generally busy people, it probably wasn't worth it to go. Besides, Royler has an army of JJ guys to train with in Brazil, right? Rickson would be more for overall motivation/strategy I would think (which can happen in Japan).

Genki will win IMO. By decision though, but he will win.

ChokeEmOut...Stop trolling!!

Gary Hughes

check out adcc pics rickson aint there