Rickson vs. a Sleestack

Anyone who remembers the 'Land of the Lost' television series of the 1970's will remember these lovely creatures. These lizard-like beings would terrorize all who encountered them. As a youngster I would almost become panick stricken at the mere site of them.

How would Rickson feel about having a Sleestack in his guard? Could he maintain focus and wait for the Sleestack to over-extend itself?

Here's a picture of a Sleestack for those who are curious.


I pick the sleestack by red, green, blue crystal formation.

I'm starting to lean that way a little too. Rickson is a legend, but submitting a Sleestack in light of their remarkable resourcefulness would surely be a daunting task.

Any Rickson believers out there in this match up?

By the way YamatoDamashi the mention of the crystal formation gave me a really vivid flashback. The more I remember about those things the more my blood pressure goes up. Damn I hated those creepy bastards.

sleeslack by bulging eye stare 2:13

sleeslack by bulging eye stare 2:13