Rickson vs Mike Tyson

I just read on fightsport that a promotor in brazil is trying to make this match happen. The other idea he had was tyson vs some vanderli sylvia guy cold be cool

2 of the greatest fighters of all time.

I think that Mark Long is someone else trolling for fun.

I prefer meat flap to camel toes...

doubt tyson has takedown defense. thats the deciding factor

LOLO @ anyone in mma having the money to pay rickson to fight tyson. Or have the money to pay Tyson to even lisp on camera.

max power . . actually he has a very good take down defense. It's called his left and right hands.

"there's no doubt in my mind i can beat mike tyson."

i just saw this thing on ESPN classicvs on mikes whole career he was just amazing, if he ever comes back to reality and develops a ground game he would be dangerous

I read about this on Tatame.com I personally would love to see Rickson x Tyson.

Rickson by armbar.

Seriously, the promoter is really interested about it, and had a meeting with Tyson lask week, when he was here in Brazil. I doubt it will ever happen though.

Rickson would beat him and then retire sounds like a good plan to keep the legend alive

Rickson won't be able to takedown Mike. Mike would pummel him and maul him