Rickson vs Tyson

Rickson Gracie

The Sports Hochi newspaper reports today that Rickson Gracie wants to fight Mike Tyson in K-1 in the srping of 2004. Rickson stated that it would be his retirement fight.

According to our sources, Rickson has been in negotiations with K-1 to face Bob Sapp in their inaugural MMA-only show, scheduled for the spring. Tyson is signed to an exclusive management deal in Japan with K-1, and a matchup between Rickson and Tyson in K-1 is definitely possible if terms can be reached.

More news to come regarding this next month.

Yeh baby

The legend with 400 wins, with his last fight against against people with no grappling exp.

He should fight someone like Bas Rutten or sakuraba now that none of those guys are in there prime, would be fun for him.

Rickson is a living legend.