Rickson would be in big trouble. Mike would only need to bring in someone like Darryl Gohlar and have him shoot on Mike for like 6 months and get a descent sprawl and he's set. Mike Tyson is no longer the greatest BOXER. But the fact remains NO ONE on the planet earth hits harder than Mike. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Takada doesn't hit anywhere near as hard as Mike. Now put these little 8 oz. MMA gloves on Mike. Mike needs to connect with one punch anywhere on Rickson's body and the fight is over. If Mike connect w/ Rickson's chin we all should be seriously afraid for Rickson's well being, all jokes aside. Mike still has good movement and fast hands. I'm thinking we'll be reading the headlines "RICKSON VS. SAPP" when reality sets in w/ Rickson.

I always thought that Rickson's best stand-up sill was his ablility to slip a punch and then close the gap for the clinch. He seems to "see" very well what is coming at him.

Admittedly, I have not seen ALL of Rickson's fights, but none of the opponents were even a fraction of Tyson's skill. Since most guys are headhunters and slipping a punch to the head is easier than getting out of the way of a body punch, if Tyson attacked the body Rickson would be toast. I would have my doubts about Rickson slipping a Tyson punch to the head too. With all due respect to Rickson, his stand-up with regard to parrying or blocking is not very good.

Rickson by brutal knockout 1:30 rd 1


RSB is most incorrect. There is no way that Mike Tyson hits harder than anyone else on planet earth. That is, unless you have personally trained with and recorded the PSI of every man capable of throwing a punch, and given us your unbiased results. It never ceases to amaze me how distorted people's perceptions of reality are.

Crocop's kicks Have to be harder than mike's punches. It's like he's swinging a friggin' tree trunk at 90 miles an hour!

RICKSON HAS NEVER FOUGHT ANYBODY DECENT!!!! He makes Tito`s ducks of Chuck look like nothing. He`s a great teacher...and full of hype,bogus war stories,and a fake ass record that he even admitted to.

Crocop's kicks would be harder than Tyson's best punch. The leg muscles are much bigger and stronger.

Tyson doesn't hit harder than anyone in the world. That statement is so ignorant, it's funny.

Gary Hughes

Tyson obviously hits harder than anyone that Rickson's ever fought, but I think people go a little overboard with this "hardest hitter on the planet" stuff. Tyson's gotten into brawls with Joe Averages on the street with no gloves at all and they didn't end up dead, brain damaged, or with sacks of bone powder where their jaws used to be. Let's just say he's an exceptionally hard hitter and not get into Rocky IV "Drago" levels of hyperbole.

And Crocop's kick is far and away harder than Tyson's best punch. I remember reading that one of his kicks was measured at something nuts like 1400-1600 (psi? not sure what scale they were using) versus like 800 for the hardest punch recorded.

Sorry Dr.SeanWiley I don't have any scientific evidence to back up my statement. It was just my opinion. You'll notice alot of that on discussion forums like this. But wait Dr. Sean.........

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RSB is most incorrect. There is no way that Mike Tyson hits harder than anyone else on planet earth.

"NO WAY"??? Gosh, would that be you Dr.SeanWiley expressing an unscientific opinion of your own? I sure hope you have all your test data better prepared than I did!

i'm sure there are a lot of people out there who can just smash a stationary object, like a heavy bag, super hard. hey i can. but the thing is tyson had and still has amazind speed, timing and reflexes. theres a good chance if you stood in front of him that youd get ktfo. that even includes the great Sam Pie. All this talk about rickson is theoretical, hes not a fighter, i guess he had a few fights back in the day but i'm sick of hearing abut him. I think the bjj fans should talk about a real warrior like mino who is probably the best in the world. i mean come on after the "aura" thing rickson said about sak who punked out his little brothers.

Tyson doesn't even punch harder than anyone on this thread, since Sam Pie Kenpo is posting. Boxing can lead to decent power, but doesn't have the same technique that karate involves. If you want to find the best power punchers in the world, don't go to a boxing gym, go to a karate school.

Gordon Hester is 100% correct - this would be fantastic exposure for BJJ and MMA.

Stephan Kesting

GO TIME...That knuckleball analogy was good.

Gary Hughes

striker 18 posted: "Tyson doesn't even punch harder than anyone on this thread, since Sam Pie Kenpo is posting. Boxing can lead to decent power, but doesn't have the same technique that karate involves. If you want to find the best power punchers in the world, don't go to a boxing gym, go to a karate school."

striker 18 has reverse punched the correct, with a blood curdling kiaa.

Gary Hughes

Tyson could care less about any of this shit.

He can make a year's worth of a PRIDE payroll in a single fight, so why would he even wory about fighting MMA.

I'll tell you what. I'll take Tyson anyday over Rickson in a street fight. Biting, groin shots, everything allowed...

"You guys are so fucking stupid. Tyson get clinched an average of ten times a boxing match by FAT, SLOW HEAVIES. Rickson is a LITTLE quicker. None of you pussies have ever boxed before obviously. Because there is clinching no matter what. Tyson is a lunging puncher, he would get take down by any decent grapppler. A guy like Roy Jones would have a chance with his ability to hit and run, Tyson would have NO chance because he would be an easy target to shoot on."

Tyson happens to be very good in the clinch. And a lot friggin' stronger than Rickson.

Tyson is not a lunging puncher. Before you go and start cursing at people, maybe you should KNOW something first. Tyson may have become a head-hunter later in his career, but he is hardly a lunger. He always had very good mechanics. And if Tyson knows that he could be shot on, what makes you think that he would be unprepare.d

"Mike hitting Rickson with a KO would be like hitting a knuckle-ball that can not only dance but stop and come forward. Chances are you will "whif" Also the knuckle ball would also keep his hands up."

Like professional boxers at the top of the sport are easy to hit.

"Tyson would most likely get beaten by Rickson because Rickson has been training for years in boxing and MT."

LOL-Training and being any good at it are two different things. Royce claims to have been studying Kickboxing for years,too. Have you ever seen any?

When Tyson got in a street fight, he also broke his hand.

Gary Hughes

"Tyson can punch someone in the face harder than CroCop can kick someone in the face. A punch only has to travel a few feet while a kick to the face of someone 6 feet tall has to travel more than 3x as far as a punch. It has less velocity and less mass behind it."

That's so wrong it's hard to believe it's intended seriously (if it is).

So by this logic Bruce Lee's one inch punch is indeed the hardest strike in the world, since it only has to travel 1 inch. Tyson's punch has to travel around 20-30 times farther than Bruce Lee's!

A kick to the head has far more velocity and mass behind it than a punch, that's not even disputable.

"and Tyson beat on women and stole their purses as a kid to make a living while Rickson probably had 100s of brutal streetfights in Brazil, the streetfight capital of the world. "

LOL @ this.

Rickson, the street Kumite champ...