Rickson's beautiful jiu-jitsu

Look at the hip movement when he transitions from the mount to the armbar. So smooth.



Wow, that was pretty amazing. It's not often that you see someone with a tight game who's also smooth, but he seems to have both. Total control the entire time.

Who was the other guy?

The man uses his legs none other. I dont care what anyone says, he is the man.

"his jiu jitsu is him"....Marcelo Garcia.....

GREAT post. Thanks.


The late great Carlson always showed a TON of respect for Rickson. Always stated that Rickson had great jiu jitsu and the others were not on his level. That says a lot coming from arguably the greatest vale tudo fighter to walk the planet.

no nut riding when the best in the business say he is the best ground guy around.

of course thier knowledge is nothing compared to mr tuf noob named rogan wannabe

Iiittssaa Nniiccceee!


Insignificant people have a problem with significant people.

The only thing the insignificant have is criticism.

Respected UG members andre and DLondoMMA are correct.

"beautiful" and "perfect" are the best words to describe Rickson's BJJ.

Looks alot like my game.

Liborio by Armbar

"Professional athletes are not immune to hero worship and idolization."

So true.

It would be nice to give props to him, without all the best ever silliness.


Rogan wanna be is a tuf newb to the T. Speaking of only what has read or heard other idiots speak. So what does that make you? Your comment of Carlson was enough to state my case but to come back and try to add creedance to what you said puts you at an even more rediculous level.


That did not seem exceptional at all. Just a guy losing to someone better than him. Rickson is really good. Why do we have to pretend that he is on some totally unattainable/inhuman level?

great hip movement, more impressed with sweeps than armbar.