Rickson's beautiful jiu-jitsu

well when some of the best jiu jitsu guys in the world go and train with them they all come back in awe of his technique. i think i'll take their word for it

"Why do we have to pretend that he is on some totally unattainable/inhuman level?"

You don't have to pretend. You just need to roll with him yourself.

Many elite BJJers/grapplers have, and they say he IS the best.

You haven't, and you say he's not.

See the problem here?

I'm not saying you need to roll with him in order to have an opinion, I'm just saying that the opinion of someone who HAS, especially when they are elite BJJers/grapplers themselves, is worth a lot more than yours.

The good thing is, I don't need to prove it! I CAN appeal to authority in this matter. However, seeing as your opinion is pretty worthless on this matter, you WOULD need to prove it. To be fair, MY opinion is worthless too... But Filho's is not.

Was that really Rigan? Why was he reaching up grabbing Rickson's bicep in the mount? Seems like a rookie mistake.

Looks alot like my game gi.

There, fixed it for you Tim.



I like the opening series even better, where he goes from the first sweep, to armlock attempt, to another sweep attempt, to defending the pass attempt by switching his leg and hipping out, then defending the cartwheel pass and turning that into his own sweep and pass to mount. Holy shit.

Saulo says he is on another level.
Saulo knows better than you and me.

"I have no problem with Rickson except that he barely ever competed, and yet is considered God by SOME BJJ guys. "

Yeah, SOME guys like myself who have trained with Rickson. SOME guys who have spent (well) over ten years on the mat consistently. SOME guys who truly love and understand what it takes to play jiu jitsu at that level. SOME guys who have respect. You have a lot of learning to do. Nice post, Andreh.


his bjj is beyond any gold standard

that was inspiring

smooth as a baby's butt


..and it's one thing to looks smooth and pull all that off on a white belt, but not against Rigan Machado.

Rickson has aura.

I don't think anyone is really overating him as an "MMA FIGHTER" here..is it possible that in his prime he could have hung with todays fighters? Probably a solid yes. With up to date training the guy has/had the physical and mental capabilities to be a major force. Is he the more than likely the greatest submission grappler on the face of the planet..way more than likely.


Last week before I trained with Rani Yahya, I asked him if it was true of what is said about how great Rickson skills are and Rani stated "he is that good".

I rolled with most of the Gracie's, and a lot of other fighters including Marcelo Garcia, I fully respect Rani's skills and his knowlage and believe that is would not make that statement if is wasnt true!


that dude was catching some air when Rickson started to sweep after he pulled guard.

Biggest thing that stands out to me in that vid is how easy he passed guard and got mount. Ridiculous.


after watching that video, i honestly thought andre was being sarcastic...then i read the posts that follow...is everyone being sarcastic?

compared to todays best such as garcia etc., this video is hardly inspiring.

Is that music from The Breakfast Club Soundtrack? LOL

Cool clip.