Evening forum brethren.

I say old chap, I've heard quite a considerable deal about this Rickson Gracie fellow, but I'm afraid I am unaware of any of his prominent fights...

Who was the most singularly skilled and noteworthy fighter that Rickson Gracie faced in his career? (I believe he is retired now).


The Baron.

Masakatsu Funaki

Sakuraba by psych-out.

Definitely Funaki, he's been cross training before just about everyone. He was trained by Karl Gotch among others. Yuki Nakai was also very well trained but about thirty pounds lighter.

Takada. He was so good Rickson insisted on "fighting" him twice instead of Kerr, Bas, Sak, Coleman or Ruas.

I think Funaki was a lot tougher than most people think he was. 

Funaki was ALWAYS tough as shit.

I was really amazed Rickson won the way he did.


Zeus is a Greek god dipshit.

Funaki hasnt always been tough as shit.Towards the end of his career when Rickson fought him he was a shadow of himself His MMA record is 1-1-1 and the 1 draw he clearly lost

Funaki, Anjoh, Duarte, Zulu, Yamamoto ...none were top 30 or even top 50

Funaki were a top dog in Pancrase and in NHB i am sure, and Zulu in his time was a well respect fighter in Brazil.

Yuki Nakai IMHO. That little dude was tough as nails and would have won if he would have been able to see.

nobody ever says Rickson sucks just that he never fought anyone top 20

What forum have you been on ? People say Rickson sucks almost everyday on this forum .

i for one have never said he sucks I actually think if he fought in his weight in his prime hed be great but he didnt so i cant compare him to others who layed it on the line

He fought plenty of people in his prime. The problem is his prime was before te sport was created. A lot of backyard fights, dojo challenges etc. There just weren't the venues to fight back in the 80's. Just because you don't see it on sherdog doesn't mean he wasn't fighting.

ok Pride 1 was 10 years ago and Rickson was 34 Well why in the last 10 years has Rickson not once fought any top 10 heck top 30 fighter

One of the most impressive street/challenge fights he apparently had may have been against Hugo Duarte.

You probably heard of the first of the their 2 scraps that happened at Copacabana beach. Duarte claimed though that Rickson came ready to fight, with a huge crew, while Duarte was just chillin at the beach.

Duarte also claimed that some of Rickson's guys kicked sand in his face or some shit. Rickson won that one.

Then Duarte repaid the challenge at Rickson's dojo in dojo crashing. Rickson won again.

Duarte is pretty big, like 220, I think and was regarded as the top Luta Livre fighter I believe.

One of the problems is that, ya, when Rickson was in his prime, MMA was not yet.

Of his offical MMA matches, Funaki has to be his best opponent but although Funaki is a Pancrase legend and perhaps if Funaki made the attempt to full MMA in his prime, very well may have been a top 10 fighter, when he fought Rickson, wasnt he losing his share?

Didnt he lost to Jason DeLucia not too long before Rickson?

Apparently Braga beat down Funaki pretty good but it was a no-decision fight. Still, I remember Braga being impressed with Funaki in that he still had some slick sub attempts until the end.

Rickson, of course, just took Funaki to school on the mat apparently. Some claimed work, who knows?

One thing that always sticks out in my mind though is not who Rickson didnt fight but the reason he gave once for not fighting a particular fighter.

Was he serious about the "aura" shit?

Funaki's was WAY done by the time Rickson fought him. Look at this record at that time. A lot of lame decisions with non-stellar competitions, and I think a lot of draws too. Braga beat the shit out of him too around that time, although they just called it a draw. (I don't think they had judges)