Rickson's breathing technique?

In Choke, Rickson does this breathing exercise that makes his abs, or diaphram, I believe, move like crazy, controlling one at a time and moving it in all directions.

What are the benefits of this? Is it worth learning?

And if so, how do I learn it? Where can I find more information on how to do it?

I been trying to copy it by contracting left then right then left, and it looks a bit like it, but Im not even sure if Im working the same muscles as he is.

Please help!


I think its some type of yoga breathing.

interesting. Thanks for the tips.

Tantric? Wtf is Tantric?! - Steve Stiffler.

I don't think everybody could do that shit. There has to be some genetics involved. I could practice that everyday for a year and not even come close.

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what happened to the second post? It used to be a detailed response and now its just a short generic one.

Also, if anyone does know what Diego uses, Im down to learn it as well.


El nIno schembri can do that rickson breating thing too with that craxy stomach thing. it is in Yoga.

I think breathing control is one of the most overlooked factors in training.

There is not much stuff you can find in the web but some interesting interview with Orlando Cani and a great breathing book from Vladimir Vasiliev.

I experimented a lot with breathing and still have thousands of questions about these things.

But what I epxerienced is that with relaxed breathing your skill is about 50-60% better because your body is reacting more natural more relaxed.

It sounds crazy but it isn?t. Just focus your attention on the times you hold your breath you will see that you hold your breath very often in day by day activities and in fighting this is happens even more.

Like I said I?am working on relaxed breathing and breathing, tension, muscle coordination.

I belive it can help you to skyrocket your game if you are able to apply it at will. Which I`am not able at the moment:-(

So what Rickson is doing maybe looks like simple Yoga but I think the reason behind it is different than in Yoga.

Take care

what is the name of the book? do you have the link that interview?

Also, I heard from various sources that the best breahting method (for in general, not for exercising) is to do a 1-4-2 count. So breath in for 1, hold for 4, and exhale for 2. Or breath 5, hold 20, and exhale 10. What do you guys think about that?



The book is called "Let Every breath" you can get it at Budovideos, there is also the DVD available but the book in my opinion is much better and more detailed and you don?t need the DVD.

The interview is here:


From my experience Orlando pretty much hit the point. If you are able to relax and breath all the time wihtout holding or stopping breathing your movement will be much more fluid and efficient. In my own game (I?am a purple belt for about 2 years now) it make an unbelivable difference. If I?am able to maintain my breathing and relaxation I?am about 50% better than if I can?t.

Take care

"Paulo Filho, who's probably the top 185lber in the world, figures Rickson'd beat everyone at that weight. I think that's a good endorsement."

I'm sure he means in grappling. Rickson is about 46 or 47 yrs old so I don't think he'll be competing in any type of mma anymore

rickson is not a fighter

"I'm sure he means in grappling. Rickson is about 46 or 47 yrs old so I don't think he'll be competing in any type of mma anymore"

In fact, in the interview where Filho made his statements about Rickson, he specifically said they trained no-gi, and with strikes.

"Who has Rickson ever beaten in legit mma. Noone. Why not ask what method Deigo Sanchez uses it obviously works he's 18-0 and has beaten some incredible fighters. If he can beat GSP or Hughes he is top 10 all time WW."

Which has NOTHING to do with the thread subject. I'd delete but it's better to leave a stupid post like this up.

Mario Sperry and Marco Ruas both use a breathing technique in grappling that seems as if they are out of breath. When they get to a "resting" position it's as if they are panting for breath, but they ues it to reoxygenate their muscles,IMO.

I think that might be a more important breathing technique than Rickson's ab muscle manipulation.

were'd my original post go????????????:rickson is doing skull-shining or nauli,it's a pranayam tech from yoga.can be found in ashtanga or raj yoga systems.technique is to sqwat slightly with hands on knees and back like a camel.now exhale all air,pull stomach to tuch back of spine.trick is to relax stomach totally wihile alternating lifting hands off knee...it take some time to master...kia jia...

Thanks jemmmett and kalki. Good info.

Has a Gracie ever gassed out? I'm not talking about the Luca Gracies, but from the real family?

Rickson is likely the best grappler ever.