Rickson's new book

Rickson Gracie 21st Century Warrior Spirit Book @ www.budovideos.com

has anyone purchased one of his new book?

I was planning to but for 139.00, i don't know.

So if anyone here has something to say on how good the book is, i will re-consider my purchase.



damn for 139 he better have the special secrets and a free dinner and lessons at his place.

I got one from Japan a while back - if you're a Rickson fan it's a "must have" item. It's basically a very high quality coffee table book filled from cover to cover with Rickson photos.

The DVD that comes with the book is merely footage of the various photo shoots during which the pictures in the book were taken. The DVD has no actual BJJ, aside from Rickson doing a little grappling with his son.