Rickson's West LA

I'm going to be in BH right down the street (sort of) from Rickson's school in a couple of weeks.

I've sent an email but it seems that the school gets a ton of email and I'm likely to not hear back, which is understandable.

Anyway, I was just curious if the school allows drop-ins. If so, what is the drop in fee? Anything else I should know?

Thanks for any input.

I believe there is a $25 drop in fee, even for the first class, and that you cannot wear a gi with any patches on it (unless it is a Rickson Assoc patch).

I may be wrong, however.

Well, that second one, if true, presents a pretty big obsticle for me.

I'm not a patch whore but I do have one on the back skirt. Guess I could use some confirmation on that.

I train at Rickson's in west LA. I believe the single class fee is $25. There is a RGJJ gi association restriction, but I doubt they'd apply it to a single visitor, and in any event it's rarely if ever enforced even amongst the regulars and you shouldn't let that stop you. Check out the website www.rickson.com for class times and other info or call the center.

Thanks for the reply. I'll call the school before I leave town to make sure it's ok to stop by. I'm just going to be away from home for a week and and want to train.


does anyone know how much it costs to train there? thanks!

Are you going for the "Rickson" experience, or just to get some training in? Because if you just want to get some training in, there are a ton of academies besides Rickson's. If you are in BH, you might even actually be closer to BHJJC, Rey Diogo, or John Machado.

I dont see it as a problem. Rickson and Jack are on very good terms. I would call down there and see but if it is not cool you can borrow one of mine. I have 8 of them.

Thank you my good man.

Back felt great rolling last night (Finally!!!!) See you Sunday.

We have open house class also this Saterday from 11 till 1. Maddog

Just called. The nice woman that I talked to said if my uniform top was a problem, they have loners.

A loner gi could be pretty scary but, I have kids so I'm hard to gross out anymore.

there's always the beverly hills jiu jitsu club. anyone can drop in whenever.

Thanks everyone for the information.

Isnt LA boxing club nearby by with the great Wanda Braga ?

ttt for Rickson's school in west LA!

go to Rickson's it's great training.

is rickson actually teaching these days??

he's there sometimes (but not like every day by any means). you just have to be there on a lucky day.

Stop whining about Rickson's gi requirements fellas. If you don't like it, don't play, don't pay. Go your own way and train elsewhere. 'nuff said on that.

Good training, nice guys, had fun.

Wore a loaner gi because that is what they require. No problem. When in Rome.

I have no doubt the other schools are also good places to train. With all the business dinners, I only had one night to work out. My instructor mentioned Rickson's as a good place to train while I was there and it was also the closest to my hotel so it was a solid choice for me.

Agian, good people, good training and I'm sure others are as well.