Ricky Hatton coming on next HBO

On HBO vs Luis Collazo - Go Ricky !

Blue mooooon

Go Ricky !!!!!

Ricky killin the body early. Collazo is no slouch either.

Collazo definately bitching about everything. Good fight so far. Fast paced

That gif rules lol

Collazo a bit bigger. Hatton moving up in weight. Both guys ripped and ready. Hatton going to the body alot. Collazo landing some sharpe shots. Got Hatton winning round 1 10-8, round 2 10-9.

Ricky could start bleeding pretty soon.

Nasty cut on Collazo's bald dome. Unintentional head butt

Great fight so far!

Nice close up of the head wound on Collazo. Luis continues to bitch. That ain't gonna win it. Hatton still going downstairs. Luis landing good in round 4. Still anyones fight.

i wish i could watch this live :(

but my prediction is that hatton will stop callazo i dont think callazo can handle his riddim for 12 rounds.

Luis is a sneaky fighter. Alot of rabbit shots. Alot of wide looping shots by Luis. Hatton not penetrating as well as in the first two rounds. Gave that round to Collazo.

Hatton needs to kill the body more

Callazo takes round 5. Employing alot of Hector "Macho" Camacho style and technique. Hatton frustrated. Collazo getting in more.

I've given Collazo the last two rounds and I thought he stunned Ricky in the 4th.

Did these two guys go to the same tailor?

Close fight through six. Hatton seems to have sort of taken the last two rounds off.

Collazo turning Ricky into a body bag. Circling and connecting to the head and body. Very reminiscent of Camacho. Collazo winning now

I've got it 3 rounds apiece, but Hatton gets the edge because of the knockdown.

Collazo definitely not turning Hatton into body bag. Hatton leads 4-3, with one extra point for the knock down. Hatton turned it back up in rd 7.

Collazo is fighting a smart fight. Not giving Ricky anything to hit. Turning body nicely to slip punches. Faster combo's by Collazo. Ricky coming straight on and missing shots. Hatton working hard, but getting frustrated. No cuts on Ricky yet. Collazo's cut not a problem. Alot of tie ups in this round. Collazo in the lead.