Ricky J Williams

How stupid do you have to be? Seriously?

Either he is beyond dumb, or just doesn't give a shit....not sure which it is actually.

J is for joint!

Def. a dumbass...I don't care of a mofo smokes weed...but if it's the RULEs...don't do it till u RETIRE. Then after he made the money...he can do whatever.

He is a walking advertisement for how enjoyable pot is. Young football fans everywhere must be going, "Daaaammmn, weed must be hella good!..."


I hate Ricky's decision to smoke anyway as much as I hate the NFL's rules concerning pot. But I guess that's the prevailing attitude in the US so it's not gonna change anytime soon.

Dumb, a lot of NFL players smoke and don't get caught. Mark Stepanoski, the former center for the Dallas Cowboys during the 90s is the current president of the Texas NORML chapter. Ricky was able to hide it for years. He just stopped caring enough to avoid getting caught.

Ricky doesnt think like me or you, dude has a mental condition like a phobia of people or something. ITs sad because guy was so good at Texas and in 2002 with the dolphins when he made his first pro bowl and they were using the hell out of him 40 carries a game etc.

powerful runner who could have been great

does interview with helmet on

Yeah now that I think about it... Vick is obviously a stoner (water bottle incident) and he never tests positive.

So this is really Ricky's fault. Maybe that social anxiety disorder is what's driving him to intentionally fail those piss tests... he doesn't want to be in the public eye. He just wants to curl up inside a big helmet and not be seen.