Ricky Morton does not like Kevin Nash

 to say the least. Embedding disabled but watch it, its good stuff.


Wow.  Pathetically bitter.

He embarrassed himself badly with this video.

Kevin Nash could quit wrestling five minutes from now and he'd be able to retire with enough money for his GRAND KIDS to live on.  Guy's a multi-millionnaire who knows how to play the game.  Not once has he lied about his motivation for being a part of the wrestling business.  Nash has ALWAYS stated that he's in this shit for the money.  Not for "fame" or fake title belts.  Nash would lay down for anyone as long as he was getting a nice check for his troubles.

"If you're standing in front of an ATM machine that's spitting out money, are you really going to turn around and walk away from it?"

-Nash (paraphrased) on wrestling for TNA

I love professional wrestling as an art form and will always respect the likes of Morton, Dynamite Kid, and all the other great technicians, but when it comes to what the business is REALLY about, the truth is, THEY'RE the real "marks".

lmao....I'm watching Ricky Morton matches from circa 2008 and I swear to god it's like watching The Wrestler all over again.

HIgh school gymnasiums, saggy, tan-worn skin, redneck accents, and trailer trash.

Kevin Nash, 2009-

Ricky Morton, 2009-

Morton takes on THE DAREDEVIL in front of a non-capacity crowd of 19 people at the famed David S. Duke Middle School Gymnasium in Dumpwater, Georgia.

Can THE RICKER overcome his easiest nemesis to date?

I guess we'll just have to find out!

I don't mean to keep poking fun, but jesus christ.

I'll bet you my entire next month's of food stamps and the cracked passenger side mirror on my '81 Astro Van that there's not a single person in that gymnasium who hasn't at least entertained the thought of fucking one of their own family members.

^ Agreed.  He wasn't as much of an ass kisser as someone who knew how to use leverage and build the right alliances in the right places.  When he and Hall came over to WCW, they KNEW they were hot shit and that they had WCW by the balls, and they just increased their clout by getting next to Hogan.  Nash has stated on numerous occasions that he and Hall used their association with Hogan to advance their own careers and get themselves even more money from "ATM Eric".

Same thing with WWE.  He's tight with Shawn and HHH, who is probably the most politically heavy guy in the company.  If things ever dry up with TNA, Nash could probably STILL go back to WWE for a bit and make even MORE money.

It's ridiculous, but it goes to show that it's not what you can do in the ring, it's who you know and how well you can work the system.  It could well be said that perhaps no one in the history of professional wrestling has done less and gotten more than Kevin Nash.  And that's not an insult, it's a compliment.


I've met Ricky, he was cool in person

Kevin Nash will always have a job as long as Dixie Carter is in charge (wink, wink).


for later

I reffed for Ricky a couple of times iirc

He's a bitter dude. I personally never though much of his abilities other than his ability to sell and make people hate the heels. When Ricky took a bump, you always thought he was legit hurt, even as a ref.

Rock n Roll express was the right gimmick at the right time.-----*

wow I think that was the worst match I ever saw on any level that didn't involve teenagers dressed like vampires.

they basically said he made too much money, nothing really bad about him, just that he had a good contract.

How was the DVD overall, Dangerboy?

Was it the usual "WCW sucks, WWE is better" crap?

I havent watched all of the matches and stuff yet, but the story part was pretty good. Gives you a good back story, tells you how WCW ran WWF out of the south in the 80's, gives tons of props to Bischoff and his ideas, rips Russo for the crap he pulled.

It was pretty good.

Oh, as far as WCW sucks WWE is better crap, not much of that in there. It actually gives WCW and NWA their props for the most part.

dangerboy12 - Oh, as far as WCW sucks WWE is better crap, not much of that in there. It actually gives WCW and NWA their props for the most part.

WWE bought the WCW product, so it makes more sense to talk it up since they get all the profit from it.

the sad fact is I agree with Ricky on most of his points.

Kevin Nash may be a draw but he sucks in the ring and always has.

Here's what flair had to say about Hall and Nash.

WARNING: The sound is really fucked up and low, so you have to turn the sound up on your computer real friggin loud to even understand him, but it's interesting what he says none the less.

 was flair drunk? He was being a dick to everyone includiing JR