Riddle to win Undisputed Championship tonight!

Has to take it tonight…let Riddle do some defenses and then you have the lerfect storyling with the viper coming back, RKO’ing riddle and then taking the totle from him.

Best storyline in forever. With this and Judgement Day turning on Edge, WWE is finally getting back to must see

Randy’s injuries supposedly have him out until 2023.

Wrong move. Should have pulled the trigger with Riddle.

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lmao is that real?

Yep. Brock showed up for the 2,000th time to set up yet another program with Roman.


So Vince no sells the entire debacle, they bury Riddle (since he can now never challenge for the belt again), and setup another Brock / Roman match absolutely nobody asked for.
lol. Just lol



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Riddle’s over like rover somehow. The video package recapping his feud with the Bloodline seemed quite comprehensive, I felt fully caught up. Him and Reigns had a very good match, and with how he performed and the crowd reacted, I think he’s made as a viable WWE world champion, crazy. Now they just need to get one of those belts off of Roman, I mean it doesn’t matter much to me, but I’ve heard the plans are not to stick with a unified championship.


Completely wasted Riddle’s run.

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Vince doesn’t believe in his roster that’s why he keeps going back to Brock. These guys keep waiting for Vince to make them the man. You have to take it. Vince prob doesn’t see that hunger in this new generation of guys I don’t think Vince is as senile as we think. He is an old school man who’s been around some bad asses and very hungry guys who would do anything for the top spot. I don’t think Vince respect how soft and complacent the new generation is.

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I think in a way the performance center is hurting the WWE. The big stars of the 90s other than the rock all had to work their way through different territories in the 80s and early 90s to get their feet wet. These young people with barely any wrestling experience are just being recruited and being groomed with Vince’s vision in mind. And in doing that, none of them get to be different. 75%, if not more of their current roster all look, walk, wrestle, and cut a promo the same way. Most of them are generic nobodies who are better suited for the indies.


Riddle lost, then Rollins roughed him up more after.

I look for Riddle to win MIB and cash in later that night after another Roman win over Brock.

WWE is a dead product. Their fans are braindead.