Hey Ridgeback!

You might have done so already, and I missed it, but would you mind telling us a bit about yourself?

I enjoy reading your posts...they are usually very well thought out, even and respectful.

In fact, given your views that I've read in some of your posts, I find myself wondering why you're not Catholic...but that's another thread, another time...


Do you read much C.S. Lewis?? You seem to have some of his concepts in your posts....I think C.S. Lewis had a very good grasp on God and what you can understand about him as a human.....


It may be hard to believe but I hate talking about myself. Since it is only respectful to not hide in the shadows I suppose I will cover the bare basics. I am 31. I have a B.A. with a double major of history/english. I live in Colorado. I have been married for almost 12 years and we have no children(yet anyway) unless you count dogs.

My interest in mma revolves around bjj which I have a blue belt in from Pedro Carvalho from a long time ago. I train no-gi regularly with a cadet at the AFA and have worked with other well known instructors in the past but I don't know at this point if I care about ranks or associations anymore. I have met the Rev way back in 97 when I was at Pedro's school. He started out by wanting to kick my ass because he thought I was some other guy on the internet but then he was pretty cool when he found out that wasn't me.

I was raised a Christian and have always considered myself a Christian but I wouldn't say I have ever felt attached to a particular sect.  I always attended church but that was largely based on my mom's decisions and that included a house church run by my missionary great grandfather, an Assembly of God church (I think they are similar to pentecostals), a couple I don't remember the denominations of, and independent fundamentalist Baptist church, a Berean

church and a evangelical free church.

 I do read a lot of C.S. Lewis as in every day more or less. He has influenced my thinking more than any other Christian or writer in general.  I am trying to take in a lot of George Macdonald and G.K. Chesterton, and some more comtemporary apologists as well but Lewis will always be my favorite.  I guess the fact that I get such inspiration from Christian writers who come from different sects of Christianity makes me hesitant to declare any sect "correct".  I hold to the C.S. Lewis idea of mere Christianity being the most important part of belief and then everything from there is up for debate.  That doesn't mean I am necessarily uncommited about doctrines but I try to give them secondary importance to the fundamentals.  

  I do feel an affinity for Catholicism on some levels.  Certainly the intellectual richness, the art, the music, the saints who surrendered so much all appeal to me but there is a lot I don't like or relate to either.  That is another thread for another day.  Actually its more of a month long conversation.  I wish there was a way for Christians to be united without compromising.

thanks for sharing!

i am reading Mere Christianity right now and enjoying his view on everything....great author!

I have been playing Rome Total War alot so I haven't had a chance to play much. Plus my roommate is always playing his single player game so the xbox is usaually busy....we will have to play again though)

Thanks Ridgeback! I'm glad to have you on the forum here...

Mere Christianity is worth a thousand reads. Second to Scripture I find it most useful. I have a book called "the quotable Lewis" that has his abbreviated views on a variety of subjects including other authors. It helps a ton if I want to deal with a particular subject. I think I have nearly everything he wrote. I need to go back and read Perelandra. Its been quite awhile.

Are you maybe exagerating that I wanted to kick your ass?

When we rolled did I crush you?

How are you liking George Mac Donald? Did you read Curates Awakening and the follow ups? I really loved those.

the rev

I get that alot, well not as much anymore. When I had my head shaved, people always thought I was angry. I may or may not have been angry at this internet guy, but either way I would have tried to kill whoever I sparred against in class. That was just my way. Now I am capable of more restraint. I still kill everyone I spar with, but now, I do it without looking like I am trying to. :)

the rev

We never rolled. I Remember Pedro would pick who rolled with who and I think you were only there one night that I was there. I just remember you asking if I was so and so and then when you found out I wasn't the scowl left your face and your fists unclenched (I think maybe you were holding a kitten with a gun to its head but I may have repressed that memory).

I was there the same week Pedro had his blow out with Allan at the tournament.

 I am just starting in to George Macdonald.  I knocked out two chidren's stories and I look at the C.S. Lewis anthology a lot.  I really want to get my hands on Phantastes since that book had such a profound effect on Lewis.  I have to get through "Everlasting Man" by Chesterton before I go too deep with MacDonald though.  

I have a B.A. with a double major of history/english.

What period(s) of history did you specialise in? I notice you've made some comments on ancient history here and on the OG which seem to rise above the usual pop history/Discovery Channel level understanding you get from most people.

"I am 31. I have a B.A. with a double major of history/english. I live in Colorado. I have been married for almost 12 years and we have no children(yet anyway) unless you count dogs."

Well that's an accomplishment in itself, getting married when you're about 19-20 and still being married.

".....the usual pop history/Discovery Channel level understanding you get from most people."

geez...will you at least wait till I'm here to defend myself before you start talking about me???

"Specialize" is probably the wrong word for undergrad studies, at least where I went. I definitely preferred antiquities over modern times though.

I tempt myself to think it is an accomplishment and then I hear about people getting divorced after 20 years.