Ridiculous Mod Deleted My Threads and Comments...

... over the obviously racist pics that I reposted from Staggered_By_Hendos_Nutz (slapnutz) photobucket account.

Now, I don't want to go stirring up the pot from the "heat" that slapnutz and I had (or whatever you want to call it), but this is ridiculous.  This is the OG for fuck's sake - these people - mods or whover they are - need to grow a thicker skin.

I've rarely ever deleted any posts and certainly not deleted anyone's entire thread count... shit, I didn't even get a warning.

Has the OG - maybe even the GG - come to this...?  A bunch of thin-skinned momma's boys that can talk the talk but not walk the walk?


I completely and 100% agree with you on this.

what argument the two of us had, was between you and I.

It's sad that some MOD had to play CAPTAIN SAVE A HO and stick their nose in this.

Your stuff getting deleted and my stuff getting deleted was total garbage.

I still don't understand this place sometimes.

Why is it that noone ever gets a warning if the thread or post that they put up pisses off the powers that be?

Why not give someone a chance to delete and edit their post if people are mad about it?

Why do the powers that be have to delete your entire history instead of just the thread or post that they considered offensive?

What is deemed offensive and what is not offensive ?

There needs to be a clear cut decision on what is allowed and what is not allowed.

I flip through the OG and half the people on there offend me, but life is what it is, I just don't get pissed and tell the pwers that be to ban someone.

there is no consistancy with what the powers that be do....and quite frankly it's dishartening and frustrating and most of the time just bullshit!

Dirty Cake.....please go to the pro wrestling forum and read the thread entitled "Revenge, not that satisfying" by me.

On there I totally support your cause and what happened to you.

it's bullcrap that people can post stuff every day about how stupid christians are and we're all sheep and there is no god. and basically insult someones religion in what ever fashion they choose.

they can joke about raping young girls and touching kids, but the second someone puts up something about race ( the fact that we are both white has not escaped me or my thought on the situation ) we both suffer the consequence.

it's crazy incosistant nonsense like this that makes me seriously doubt If will renew my blue name when my membership time is up.

I've never bitched about the modding here, ever.

However, there is one mod who needs to die, and it's the one who deleted the "Comic Book Trivia 3.0" thread that led to this subforum being created.

Your entire history is gone? Many threads here will suddenly resemble an unappetizing block of swiss cheese.

None So Blind - However, there is one mod who needs to die, and it's the one who deleted the "Comic Book Trivia 3.0" thread that led to this subforum being created.

 Word........And whoever deleted DC's Threads........And I'm not so sure about that paw character........

Bunch of slack jawed faggots!

This kind of shit and the fact that the S&C forum is gayer than RuPaul sucking a bag of dicks is why I don't post around here much anymore.

Sorry to see all of DC's (mainly quality) posts lost butit's a good wake up call to everyone that it only takes one piece of shit mod to fuck an otherwise perfect forum.

If you want un moderated foul mouthed ignorance check out IronGarmX.

 LOL... I'm over it today.  I'll just make new ones!

 LOL... I'm over it today.  I'll just make new ones!