Rigan Machado Seminar Feb 10th

7th Degree Black Belt Rigan Machado will be conducting a 2 hr seminar at 310 Jiu Jitsu Academy in Bellflower CA on Feb 10th starting at 11am.

Don't miss this opportunity to train with one of the foremost experts in BJJ and submission grappling. Word has it that Rigan may be returning to competition soon and that he has developed many new positions and variations that he will be showing at the seminar. The seminar will consist of both Gi and No-Gi techniques!

The price for the seminar will be $40. Please call and pre-register. Space is limited!

To register call Dimitri at (310) 800-5878 or drop by the academy Mon-Thurs from 6:30-8:30pm

Address: 17413 Woodruff Ave. Bellflower, Ca

Don't miss it!

releogh no, I'm a friend of D's.

Shen you know Dimitri, you rolled with him a couple of times back when you're both purples.

Dmitri is awesome. In addition to his all-around game, he has this f'n sweep that he does once youve PASSED his guard (he lets you). It pisses me off because he did that to me the first time we rolled, then months later we rolled again and I swore I would not fall for it. Next thing you know I'm seeing an opening, passing, and getting swept just like the first time.


He catches everyone with that sweep. The worst part is you know it's coming and there nothing you can do...I've caught with it since he was a blue belt. :(