Rigan Machado vs. Rickson Gracie (Rigan speaks)


Amazing to hear Rigan talk about their historic fight. 

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Wow great story. So much for these great fighters.

Agreed man. Very moving account of their match.


You get my one VU.  That was awesome. 


Even the cheesy piano music got my pumped. I was ready to armbar my toddler and my dog.



rickson by armbar. 


They musta edited it out tho

That was great . Phone Post 3.0

Malvert the Janitor -


Super cool video. VU OP Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0



Take five minutes out of your day to watch this gem, folks. 

awesome ..thanks



I remember an old interview where Rickson spoke very highly of Rigan.

It really is a beautiful interview. The way Rigan describes the match is very interesting, especially his take on the early slam and how Rickson paced himself expertly to get stronger as Rigan grew tired. 

A lot of the NEW BJJers in the past decade don't realize that Rigan was considered a demi-God to most earlier BJJ practitioners. Make no mistake, he ran through world champions in training. He demolished Pe De Pano was threw a hissy fit apparently.
Rigan didn't have the mindset, to be a world champion. He had the skill, but you need a mind that is conducive to punctuality, regular training, athletic conditioning, strategy, injury management, etc.

Rigan fought Rickson publically, twice, and was beaten both times.