Rigan's Encyclopedia of BJJ, Half

anyone seen/bought/heard anything about:

Rigan's half guard tapes
Rigan's new Encyclopedia of BJJ books
Leo Viera's DVD
Nino's DVD
..any other new products out?

I'm scared to buy Rigan's new BJJ encyclopedias. I've heard so many bad things about his "Essence of BJJ" book and his video series.

I have Rigans first book and it's not bad, it's not good either though. It's just ok, basic stuff. I'm hoping the encyclopedias will be an improvement over his earlier stuff.

I really like the Nino DVD, but they're probably only useful to someone who is not a complete beginner. I would definitely not get this instructional series if I were someone who has never tapped an opponent in training using an omoplata submission.

In the omoplata section of the instructional, Nino provides some great options for finishing a stronger opponent who is effectively resisting your omoplata, using moves such as the infamous gogoplata.

As for the rest of the instructional, there were also a few really slick escapes from the across-side position that I have incorporated into my game and a few other escapes that my instructor told me were total BS when I tried them in training.