Rigatoni and Meatballs at Midnight!

So a few years ago myu oldest son had the idea that we should all fast and eat no food for 24 hours on Good Friday, just to remind ourselves of what pansies we are compared to Jesus who had to carry his own cross to get executed. So we ended up all getting so hungry a few years back that I made pasta with jar sauce and frozen meatballs, some ricotta, etc at midnight, and we all sat down and had a big meal at the end of our 24 hour fast, which essentially changed it from a fast to just binge eating, which may sort of defeat the point, but whatever. 

The GREAT part is that my wife cant STAND to see people eat food that is worse than what she makes, especially store bought meatballs, so 2 years ago, she kicked me out of the kitchen and took over, so now we have beautiful homemade meatballs and sauce with rigatoni. So now she cooks a huge meal that she cant even taste on Friday night as well as the regular Easter feast on Sunday, and there is great rejoicing.

Cool, lets all suffer for a fairy tale.

In other news, I am gonna seek out negative criticism because Cinderella had to clean the kitchen.

Don't shit on the man... Enjoy it, I'm sure it'll be awesome

Yeah i am sorry, I was just being a jerk.

I appreciate both of you for your positivity! 


Religion aside, practicing sacrifice, even though this is a really, really small one, has positive psychological benefits even for people who dont believe in God. 

mostofyou - 
ShanTheMan - Yeah i am sorry, I was just being a jerk.

Nah fuck that

Shit on the faggot

But no that's still neat OP I just want you to be shit on 

I enjoy fasting 

I love you, and your feet.

Recipe please.

Sounds like a cool family tradition, OP. I dig it!