Riggs + Silvia pre pics?

If they both were over 300lbs before and now are looking more trim, what the hell did they look lik ebefore?

Here is a link to a photo of when Riggs had been training for just a little while. You can see he is alot heavier in that picture than he is now, but was even more so before he started.



Riggs's chest looked pretty defined even then...


i have a tape of him fight rino i beleive, he fought in a singlet, he was large.....thats why he is so unbeatable at his weight,still as strong and hits as hard as a heavyweight..

That looks straight out of the Electric Company kid's show...which one just doesn't belong?

Riggs is a cool guy...I love his honesty!

he wasnt a fatass imho!

I want to know what he did to lose the weight and get ripped???

he probably ate less/healthier, and excercised more