Riggs Withdraws From Diaz Fight

Per GracieFighter.com -- some kind of drug reaction.

What? Weird.

But at least Nick is still fighting. I'd rather see him fight someone else anyway.

Hope Riggs is okay though.

I just herd they offered Baroni the fight and he agreed. I think its Baroni vs Diaz now. This will be a fan friendly fight to say the least.

Diaz vs jorge santiago?
that is if vitor fights fedor

Diaz vs Baroni is a great last minute fight. Winner rematches Riggs. This is the best possible outcome. TTT for Strike Force and Diaz vs Baroni. Baroni is a huge underdog but if Diaz stands the fight will be good and action packed.
Another fan friendly fight put on by Strike Force.

Again TTT for Strike Force and great match making.

I'm guessing this isn't true?

if it is though, I would actually rather see diaz vs baroni

seen it off of graciefighter.. riggs pulls out of fight. kinda sucks cuz i was lookin foward to diaz beating him down the third time.

Looks Legit

So is the new troll move to cry fake at legit news?

I will take a Diaz vs Baroni fight!

 Whats their source? I don't see a name on the article.  It's like saying that mma.tv/ OMA / NewportBJJ is a source isn't it?

wow didn't know that ceasar gracie has "gracie E lessons.. online jiu jitsu lessons" thats pretty cool.. btw -i don't think ceasar would fuck around about fighters fighting or not.

 You think Cesar has anything to do withe the day to day of a wabsite.  Cesars  not fucking with anybody and I hope that no one else is doing it under his name.

There is still no other confirmation or "source".

i'd bet this is legit. you think cesar will let a blatantly false posting like this go up?

sad to see, i was looking forward to diaz revenging this loss.



rumorground imo

FloridaStriker - wow

rumorground imo

this post cites graciefighter.com. tomorrow you can pretend you never said this dumb shit tho, so dont worry. just edit your post later.

somehow the idea of someone trolling at ceasar gracies is beyond me.. ceasar and nick wouldn't tolerate it.. besides there would be a serious ass beatin to whoever did it if mr. riggs shows up tommorow and says he is not sick and is still fighting..

so after I read this post I text Baroni and askd' him if it was true and this was his response .. " I agreed its in his hands now. Please post on it and get it going if its big enough the will make it. I respect Diaz and like him but this is my chance !!"
Lets get this going for Phil !!!
He said he will post on this 2morrow.
TTT for Baroni vs Diaz !!!

everybody is understandably wearing the tinfoilhats post-kimo but this seems legit