riggs wont stand with lytle

hes desperate for a win and theres no way hell outbox lytle. 'no one will stand with me' haha. get ready diesel

Regardless if Riggs has better hands than Lytle, he is making an intelligent decision to GnP Lytle.

You are correct that he sorely needs a UFC win. Would you jeopardize your future to back up a previous comment?

Chris will do very well with Joe and may even drop him.

wasn't Riggs 315 lbs.????????

when did this fight get signed?

This is a good point. Riggs better stand with Lytle or forver STFU!

I wonder if Lytle has improved his wrestling since being thrown around by Parisian. I've heard that Parisian was fairly dominant in that fight, though I haven't seen it. Is it on the UFC DVD?


I heard that Riggs once weighed 456.57lbs... man, thats a lot of weight to cut.

Riggs is an overrated turd of a fighter. Lytle will destroy him.

hopelytle wins. thought he'd beat karo...

lytle needs to be agressive with subs

i feel he may just get overpowered against riggs and lose a decision.

bj penn fights in a higher weight class than riggs???


lmfao.Riggs will definetly stand. sucks too cuz Lytle is one of my fave fighters

Riggs will be on very thin ice with Zuffa if he loses this fight. He has backed out of, it seems like 100 fights, and he has mostly talked a big game with nothing to back it up. He needs to win impressively and he has the potential to do it I am sure.

Riggs would be ill advised to stand with Lytle!

Karo controlled Lytle and had a few nice throws.

Lytle had some good defensive guard but lost all three
rounds. I thought Lytle would give Karo a better
fight than he did.

LYTLE by decision

WTF are you homos talking about? Riggs has great hands, and he hits WAAAAY harder than Lytle! I like Lytle and all but come on.


Have you had the pleasure of sparring with Riggs recently. I know he is Jorge's getting ready for this fight. The one thing that I hear is that he definately has heavy hands.

Lytle has never been KO'd, nor submitted in over 50 pro fights. Riggs will not be the first!

I'm not sure what some of you guys are smoking, but I sure would like to get some of it.

Chris Lytle is a BEAST. Riggs is a good fighter, but I don't see any way he beats Chris - unless luck arrives on fight night.

I really like the morons comparing how one guy faired against another opponent. MMA is all about match-ups, styles are so different, I don't think you can compare APPLES to APPLES with ONE similar opponent.

I'm going to be really surprised if Riggs shows and/or makes weight.

Some dumb a$$ went as far as saying Riggs was walking around at 185.........YEAH RIGHT........even if it were true. He hasn't weight 170 since probably 7th grade, so cutting an additional 15lbs that quickly is going to leave him weak.

I did think the BJ PENN comment was awesome!

Anyway, if Riggs shows.....and makes weight.......KEEP THIS POST AROUND......NO WAY IN HE11 he beats Lytle.