Right hooks ineffective?

My boxing coach doesn't want people throwing right hooks because they are ineffective. I argued with him but he refuses to listen. Can someone list me some times where the fight almost ended or did end on a right hook?

Early in his career, Mike Tyson's favorite combo
was right hook to the body, right uppercut to the
head. James Toney used that exact same
combination over and over again just last week. It
was also one of Jack Dempsey's favortie inside
punches (to the body).

They are effective, as longa s you know when and how to sue them. Don't go looking for them though.

i know how to use them myself, but he also states that the overhand right is a more effective punch. am i wrong or is he?

Rahman/Lennox immediately came to my mind

Plenty of HWs used that hook to the body, hook to the head combo

Julian Jackson vs Terry Norris?

Foreman ko'd tons of guys with right hooks

Hopkins finished off trinidad with a right hook

I like Leonard's version the best: short and close, and your body is square up on your guy. It's cocked like an overhand, but it angles in like a right hook. Really short and tight. He punctuated a lot of his flurries with this type of punch.

That's right Dreggan! I forgot about that.

JASON, you're right, that was one of Foreman's
favorite punches. He threw them almost like an
uppercut though, but they were hooks.

Watch any body puncher step in and crumple someone with a right hook to the body and tell me that they are useless!

The right hook is effective. My computer reminds me
of this every day (Desktop pic = Marciano obliterating
Jersey Joe with a vicious right hook)

I would prefer to use them to the body, vs. to the head. I think if you over commit on a right hook to the head and you miss you are in for eating some leather.

it is for me, but im a southpaw :)

The problem with the right hook is that your opponent's right cross will land first. The cross is more powerful.

It's just not usually a smart strategy to trade this punch for it's counter.

I've heard that about the right hook as well, but in the first boxing match I ever had, i was hit with a right hook that I never saw coming and it nearly knocked me out. I'm undecided on it.

The Marciano punch pictured above was thrown inside a left hook.

BIC-I disagree that a cross will get there first or that is will be more powerful.

1-The right hook should be thrown from a little closer in than one might think. I normally follow my jabs in and get close enough that the opponent won't even see it coming. It is a matter of mechanics. If you are winding up and telegraphing, then why bother throwing it.

2-The other side of this coin is that I would not throw it as the lead punch, unless the circumstances were perfect.

3-Power is a relative thing. My right hook is easily more powerful than my right cross. The right hook to the body is the hardest punch I can throw.

4-Do not over punch and leave your self open. Here is where good mechanics count. Properly thrown, you are still protected.

5-The relative postion of you to your opponent makes a difference in both your success in landing it and negating the oppoents ability to counter. Footwork!