right mid?

so who is going to play right midfiled for the USMNT?


keller is a lock in goal

the back will start with cherundulo on the right and bocanegra on the left and my guess is guch and pope in the center

mcbride is one lock uptop.

and beasley is a lock on teh left midfield.

reyna is a lock in side.

o'brien and donovan start my guess is donovan starts upfront with mcbride and obrien starts in the middle with reyna...so that leaves right midfield???

you could put donovan there and start wolfe or johnson up front with mcbride but i dont think that will happen. you could slide donovan inside with reyna and move obrien outside but neither donovan or reyna are good holding midfielders.

you could move obrien outside and bring masteroni inside to play holding midfield.

or you could just put dempsey or convey on the right side?

Cladio Reyna is going to get a game at the World Cup?? What is the World coming to?!

what the freak are you talking about???

of course he's gonna get a game...why woudln't he?


lol!!!!! sure he is!!!

yeah i know who rangers are...heck i even know who their rival is!!!!

and yes that's him..and he's Man City's (that's Citeh for joe ray) Captain now

sorry i couldn't resist