righteous indignation

Except for Jesus, are we as mere humans capable of this?

If so, would it be considered in a court of law?

Does ones personal belief justify their 'righteous indignation' when it isn't justified by another persons belief?


 well... I guess I shouldn't have Mr. Self Conscience. I thought this would be an interesting discussion. I'll go back to the OG and discuss pooping, deviant sexual activity, and answer polls about who is the biggest loser.


 A good question! For example its considered a christians duty to act on one's righteous anger, in fact its consider a sin not to. Especially where blasphemy is concerned. I.E if you hear an athiest blaspheming at the bus stop its your christian to give him a bloody good thrashing.

However, you'd have a hard time passing it off as mitigation in a court of law. How ironic that we mere human seem to be more morally clued up than god.