Ring Magazine Writer BLASTS KEITH KIZER

From Jim Bagg's column in the July 2008 issue of The Ring Magazine:

"[Incompetent judge Doug] Tucker is only half of the problem in Nevada; the other half is a commish who won't let his judges or referees speak to the media, and who publicly supported Tucker's scoring of the Mijares-Navarro fight, telling reporters that there was nothing unreasonable about the scorecard. Nothing unreasonable about a card so ludicrous that many observers speculated afterward that Tucker had the corners mixed up? You're not fooling anyone, Kizer. And you're making Marc Ratner look like a god."

"The sun always shines bright on TV."--Keith Kizer, posting on this forum after he was taken to task for supporting a ridiculous judges' decision on The Ultimate Fighter

I guess it shines in print, too, Keith.

time for mma people to run mma

frankly, we don't need these idiots anymore

You shouldn't call him an idiot, timbowabo. Seriously, that's not civil. He posts here, you know.

ttt for Keith to respond

 "a commish who won't let his judges or referees speak to the media"

Really? Not true in my experiences at all.

[quote]rufus -

Pretty lame criticisms. Does the NFL let refs talk to the press after games? How about the NBA? MLB? Do those leagues call out their refs publicly after bad calls? Generally, no. Would I expect to see Tucker judge another big fight in Nevada? No.

Why don't you quit being a faggot?


Tucker keeps judging big fights, tough guy.

Keith Kizer essentially needs to be terminated from his position.

He's a totally worthless fraud.

[quote]rufus - [quote]Hollywood Blonde - [/quote][quote]Tucker keeps judging big fights, tough guy.[/quote]

According to BoxRec, the Mijares-Navarro fight was his last fight, tough guy. Also, Elias apparently doesn't have a problem getting ahold of judges and refs. Keep trolling, though.


You're right, big man, I had him confused with someone else. Tucker apparently has not judged another fight (yet). Still, Nevada is notorious for continuing to sue the same hacks over and over again. Dalby Shirley? Cecil Peoples?

Remember when Kizer dodged that question on Showtime about using instant replay?

[quote]rufus -

This thread is humiliating for you. I'd stop now.


rufus--Please abandon the Kizer worship.

i highly doubt that anyone on the UG, besides Kizer himself would worship him!

" the other half is a commish who won't let his judges or referees speak to the media,"

This is completely false in my experience. Keith Kizer has personally put me in contact with MMA referees. I have found him to be honest, enthusiastic and forthcoming. I think Kizer does a great job and the fact that he posts on the UG shows that he is devoted to and interested in the opinion of the hardcore MMA fan.

 What mcquaid said