Ring of Combat Card Shaping Up

April 24th is the date and the Rexplex Sports Complex will be the place. The card is shaping up and here is who we have fighting so far:
Nardu Debra (Renzo Gracie Academy), Jesse Moreng (Team TSK), Chris Liguori (Pitt's Penn), Peter "Drago" Sell (Serra-Longo Competition Team), Erik Shaver (Bellmore Kickboxing Academy), Carlos Morena (Team Bama), Jay Hereon (Bellmore Kickboxing Academy/Renzo Gracie Academy), Angela Karon, Laura D'Auguste (Team TSK), Jordan Pergola (Bellmore Kickboxing Academy), Bruce Lieberman (Planet Jiu Jitsu), Shennen Maceo (Team TSK), Luis Mulan (Team Freedom), Fred Potter (Ray Martin), Greg Moholich (Ray Martin), Adam Fearon (Pitt's Penn), Jose Rodriguez (Pitt's Penn), Lionel Cortes (Warrior Tribe Academy), Luke Cummo (Serra-Longo Competition Team) FIGHTERS ON CARD ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Is this the same Jesse Moreng that went to school at Arizona state and is from Jersey and fights around 15lbs? If it is, I feel sorry for whomever he fights. He is a great wrestler with some legit boxing skills, and hard as hell to tap. Good luck Jesse.



TTT for Drago and Luke!

Jesse wrestled for many years and had a few mma fights. He is now training with Team TSK and is going to fight Nardu Debra.

Jesse's going to kill that kid.

Nardu is coming back from a really tough loss so it will be interesting to see if he comes out tentative or ready for some banging.

Drago vs Liguori should be a good rematch

ttt for team Serra-Longo!

It looks like Laura D'Auguste will be fighting Amanda Buckner now instead of Angela Karon. This will be a rematch of their Reality Fighting draw from November 2003. Should be a real good fight now that they are familiar with each others style.