ring of combat this weekend

ring of combat is at the rexplex in new jersey this weekend.

drago is rematching with chris liguori, luke cummo is fighting josh koscheck from american kickboxing academy, carlos moreno is up against erik shaver for the heavyweight belt.

i'm psyched. there should be some good fights.

ttt for Drago and Luke, two great fighters!

For info about and directions to Rex Plex

you going, mr. bone?

You have just made me aware of it, actually.
I don't see how I could justify missing it, as there's a handy bus running from Port Authority straight to the event.

What time does the show start? The link to the flyer on their website is busted.

ttt for NYC bus-riding UGers

ttt for bama/endgame fighters

i think the show starts at 8. or maybe 7. all these mma shows mesh together in my mind...

Matt Serra's guys are badass...should be some good fights!

Good luck to my boy Gortiz also!


glenn ortiz vs. mike murray is going to rock.

i think the cheap seats are $35.

lobo and willybone, if you guys need rides, i can pick you up in downtown manhattan on my way out there (i'm driving in from queens).

I'm going to talk to the little woman and see if she's interested in going. I'll drop you an email about the ride tomorrow.


I've seen most of the fighters on the card before. This should be an excellent event!

the CHEAP seats are $35?????? i paid less to go to the UFC in atlantic city. the local shows make it really hard to attend when their prices are $40 for shitty seats and $100+ for the best.

Check out the card and info on the event:


Articles and pictures to be posted at www.uskba.com.USKBA ACTION SPORTS / www.uskba.comJim... If you are coming to the event, can you bring a copy of Full Contact Fighter...the March 2004 issue? I am about to mail out $6 for the issue and can save 37 cents (postage) if you bring it. I haven't been able to find a copy anywhere and now the stores have the April issue. Thanks.


yeah, saturday.


i'll see what i can scrounge up.


Thanks Jim...see you Saturday.