RING OF COMBAT (Who's Going? 2)

Sign in, ladies and gentlemen. I'm going to book my hotel this week. And hopefully tickets will go on sale thsi week also so I get everything out of the way.

Anyone have any inside information on who's fighting, afterparty ideas, etc.?

The card is shaping up but here is what it is looking like right now. Obviously, this is subject to change:


Binky Jones vs. Hitalo Machado


Rich Ashkar vs. Anthony Ladonna

175 lbs

Garret Carmody vs. Will Hamilton


Alexis Aquino vs. Mike Guerin

Nissim Levy vs. David Branch


Nick Catone vs. Lance Everson

195 lbs

Bill Scott vs. Joe Diamond

Light Heavyweight

Ricardo Romero vs. Tim Carpenter

Wow, awesome. So far so good!


Carmine Zocchi vs. Brian McLaughlin (rematch)

Danny Suarez vs. Igor Gracie

Nabih Barakat vs. Mike Medrano

Dan Miller vs. Lyman Good

Doug Gordon vs. Tom Gallichio (rematch)


These are just some matches I personally would love to see, however, I realize that fighters proposed may be injured, have prior responsibilities, etc. And some may not even be the same weight anymore (lol) or make sense to you for that matter (to me they do 'cause I know some of these guys). Anyway, you guys are great matchmakers; I always enjoy your shows, so I'm sure no matter what you put together will be incredible.


Edit: Anthony D'Angelo vs. Anyone also

Ill be there......some match ups i would like to see................

Binky Jones vs.  Malachy Friedman or Kevin Roddy 

Nick Catone vs. Mike Massenzio

Ricardo Romero vs. Josh Rhodes 

Marc Stevens vs. Dan Miller or Miller vs. Good

John Howard vs. Joseph Aviles

Nuri Shakir vs. Brian McLaughlin

RIch Boine vs. Gregor Gracie


Danny Suarez' jiu jitsu is sick (as is Igor Gracie's). I think this match-up would be a FOTN if not ROC highlight reel.

Either of the Miller brothers vs anyone, also Tomas Velasquez vs anyone

i think thats wrong i havent heard a thing about me fighting dom stanco. im not a big fan of stanco infact i would love to beat the shit out of that shit talker. but i am fighting battle cage xtreme on april 19th. and i dont know if i can handle fighting another fight in a row. training jhard wears you down. but who knows if i might just do it.

-Tom Gallicchio

I would really like to see...
Mike Massenzio vs. Lyman Good,
Binky vs. Roddy,
Boine vs. mike medrano,
Rich Askar vs. Gregor Gracie,
I think they would make for an awesome fight.

I know for a fact Josh Rhodes wouldnt be ready for a fight as soon as May due to being in school. Not that I wouldnt like to see him fighting soon. The fight card is looking good so far.
Marpal, is Gordon going to be on Mays card?

Hey, Tom, great fight last time. I'm a fan for life. Good luck in your upcoming fights.

TTT for Ladonna


tttommy by murder death kill and binkys my boy, i got no business wit binky i fight 145 now

TTT for Tom Gallicchio

massenzio vs. good really needs to happen... winner can fight dan miller.... can't believe i see joe diamond v. bill scott on there that is the official throwback fight of 2008



This is actually my first post, whats up everyone? Where did those matchups come from? I havent heard anything about fighting in the Ring of Combat either.