RIng Of Fire in Denver?

HAven't been able to find too much info. When? Where? Who? Should I go?
That should just about cover it.

May 22. Castle rock event center (I think). Jay Jack vs. John Cronk is the main event.

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For immediate release..GLCDIRECT presents:RING OF FIRE #12: NEMESISAll right fight fans, the wait is over. The 12th installment of the most popular fight show in the area will return to the Douglas County Event Center on Saturday, May 22nd, 2004. RING OF FIRE 12: NEMESIS will feature professional Mixed Martial Arts and K-1 rules matches. The main event will have every local fight fan's interest as a match that has been brewing for 5 years can finally happen. KOTC vet and Shootboxing World Champion, John "The Annihilator" Cronk will get the fight he has been asking for when he steps in to the ring against crowd favorite Jay Jack. Jay just won a gold medal at the Grappler's Quest east event and his last MMA fight ended with a submission victory on the Ring Of Fire 11 show. Here is what the fighters have to say about the upcoming bout: JAY JACK: "I am a nice guy out of the ring so I am not going to talk any s**t, but this fight has a lot of history for me. I am very motivated on this one. I guess if you want a statement out of me, then come to the show, I'll make a statement in the ring." JOHN CRONK: "This match is personal for me too.. I take it personal when I hear how good someone is and I want to find out for myself. I know Jay will be tough, but I've wanted this fight for a long time too. I feel like this is my backyard, and I want to know if he is as good as everybody says. I know what kind of fighter I am, I want to see what kind he is. We will find out on the 22nd." Besides the bragging rights involved ,the ISCF Middleweight Championship will also be for grabs in this match. Other fighters on the card will be Jake THUNDER Hattan, Carlos Condit, Justin James, Brock Jensen, Big Gabe Beaperthuy, Mike Baldwin, Dennis Acuna and the return of the dynamic Ali Abdelaziz. The final card will be released next week. Tickets available at all KING SOOPERS stores and online TICKETSWEST.COM. or charge by phone at 1-866-464-2626 VIP Tables available by calling 303-246-5237 ( They go quick!)

You should definitely go.

Good luck on the show Sven! I'm still in Georgia(Fed Law Enforcement Academy) until next November, but I'll be following this one online. John "Justice" Fabbricatore

I fought Cronk in "Toughman" he's got an abnormally tough cranium (A local DJ once described it as a bucket head)

Cronk looks a little behind the 'evolutionary' times!

TTT for Jay Jack!

I've been waiting quite a while to see this one. I asked Jay about the potential for this fight a couple of years ago and he was humble, and had nothing bad to say, but he was very willing to make it happen if it was in the cards. Looks like the cards will be dealt on the 22nd! Can't wait!

Yes you should go.

About a week ago I heard someone ask Cronk if this was, "A bad blood fight." John said that there is no bad blood between them. It's just a matchup that they have both wanted for awhile because they both think it will be a good contest.

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THE CANNON would love to fight if there is an opening..
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TTT for Sven


DagwoodDogwoggle, I'll be there for sure. I got one of the ringside catered tables. :)

The ringside catered tables are awesome! I did that last summer (It was the ring of fire with pat smiths comeback against A-Dawg) I think they had Brothers BBQ cater it... It was good!



Press Release goes out tonight with full card.


Other fighters:

Ali Abdelaziz, CO (170)

BIG Gabe Beaupethuy, CO (265)

Chilo Gonzales, CO (205)

Jake Hattan, CO (155)

Carlos Condit, NM (155)

Luke Caudillo, NE (155)

Tom Clemen, CO (220)

James Martinez, NM (155)

many more...

The under card is stacked with talented, exciting, aggressive fighters.

TTT for Sven and the Ring of Fire