Ring Of Fire weigh-ins

I just got home from the weigh-ins for tomorrow nights Ring of Fire fights which have as the main event Duane "Bang" Ludwig vs Malapaiet Sitpraprom in a Muay Thai world title bout. It is because of promoters like Sven "Boogie" Bean and fighters like those present tonight that this sport is as great as it is. All of the Colorado fight fans owe Sven a big thanks for all the work he put into getting a true world title bout in Colorado.

There were a few things worth noting.

First: There were a few nice words said about Alex Gong on the radio broadcast the local station did about the event. Duane and Malapaiet both paid tribute.

Second: All of the fighters looked to be in AWESOME shape. You could immediately see that every single fighter has prepared hard for this event.

Third: The state comissioner, the event promoter and the ISKA president all made mention of expecting the fighters to conduct themselves in a professional manner. This in and of itself was good, but even better was seeing all the fighters clap in support of what is expected of them as far as their conduct goes. All the fighters were exchanging hand shakes and smiles at the meeting. It was great to see that they all respected one another and that there was no need for false bravado or posturing.

Third: Thanks go out to Sven for making the fighters accessible to the fans. After the weigh-ins there were opportunities for photos, autographs and a chance to chat with all of the competitors.

A couple of notes on a few fighters...Bang looked so relaxed that you'd have thought he was just a spectator. When Malapaiet was leaving the rules meeting Bang broke away from who he was talking to and you could hear him wishing Malapaiet well and they shook hands with a smile and knowing nod and look that only competitors can share.

Malapaiet looks even more impressive in person than he does in photos. He is incredibly lean and has a lot of muscle mass. Much more than I've seen on any other Thai fighter. He is very pleasent in person and was gracious about posing for a photo and he signed a shirt that I had from my trip to Thailand.

Jay Jack looks to be in his best shape ever. He said he's happy in Maine and that the new school is going well. He offered an invitation to train if I'm ever out that way. Awfully gracious of him considering he'd only met me a few minutes earlier.

Thanks again to all the fighters for treating the fans well and thanks to Sven for helping make this sport as great as it is.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Sorry, I don't have any pics. My friend brought the camera...and oddly enough he took it home with him too.

Malapaiet is truly a nice and humble person,(as is Duane). He is a very strong individual, and is quite good at entering the clinch and sweeping your ass to the ground. This will truly be a great fight!---Robert

ttt for Jay. Good luck!

Good luck to both. Duane has really improved as of late. Very impressive victory over Takeda last year in MAX.

TTT for a great show, wish I was in Colorado

JR... I have to say thanks to you man. You are the future of this sport. A true fan. The sport owes you.

Here is a picture of the main eventers:

photo courtesy April Pishna

I get the feeling either one of those guys would give me the beating of a lifetime.

Extreme.. right on bro.

Knee... there should be, but if I were you i would go to King Soopers

steve gomm is still fighting right?

ttt Bangs a bad man!

The flyer for the show says the doors open at 6:00 and the first bout begins at 7:00.

Sven, thanks for the kind words. It's a two way street though. If it wasn't for great people like you making for events like this then the fans would be a lot less intrigued. Again, thanks for all you do for the sport.

*Note to self* When Bang gets back to New Mexico to train with Wink or Greg Jackson again, get the boy some sun. God damn!