Rings and Cages growing again

Sorry guys and gals, haven't been on here much in the last few months. Been getting my ass kicked in the shop damn near 7 days a week 14 hour days. I wanted to drop in and say thanks for the continued support.

Since 2006 when I retired from MMA, the UG has always supported me and my company with referrals, TTTing threads etc... Glad to call the UG a home away from home and have since the 90's when it was submissionfighting.com

But...once again, we are growing. We are now offering CROSS FIT style training equipment on top of the rings, cages, panels, bag holders and racks, mats, wall pads etc...

I am currently waiting to hear about my building permit from the county that will not only see us double in size AGAIN but will also allow us to once again put a school on site etc...Being that we are out in the country, not a lot of the people in the area can afford to drive into the city but we have a high demand for training out here so once again, it's a good thing.

For those of you who remember, I started designing and building products in late 2006 in a one car garage with no heat/ac and the roof had to have a tarp over it or it would leak. I set products up outside for a year. In late 2007 I built a 30x50 pole building and was able to set everything up inside (of course I had a dirt floor until 2010 haha). In 2010 I added another 30x40 to the building, concreted both sides, installed bathroom etc... Now, once again, we are adding a 40x60 with a possibility of adding another 30x40 to that if needbe in the future.

It's been a long hard 7 yr road and you have all traveled it with me and I appreciate that. This is why I make sure I take care of EVERYONE from the UG when they need products. On top of the lowest prices, we also offer those from the UG discounts over and beyond that to help out. My way of saying thank you for the continued love and support.

So if anyone needs equipment, let me know and I'm happy to help! www.ringsandcages.com