Ringside Heavybag spring

Can anyone tell me if it really makes much of a difference by using one of those big impact springs while hanging a heavybag.I've seen them in ringside and thought about orderring one in the past but I want to know if they really serve a purpose or not.

I posted this on the boxing forum but only got some lurking and no responses

Makes a huge diff. I use every time.

I recommend the spring as well. I had no luck trying to find one at local hardware stores to match the Ringside spring.

If this is it then it appears to be a big spring to hang your heavybag on to make the mount last longer.

I can make one at work.

yes,that is it.I guess I will be orderring some next month than.Thanks

The sping is the thing dude. Get one.

i have seen them on bags, they seem to make a difference.