I was interested to hear if anyone had any suggestions on how to keep ringworm from progressing if you catch it in the early stages. Also, is there a sure-fire way to know its ringworm if it starts out as a little red spot.

Thanks a lot for the advice. Just out of curiosity, is ringworm present in all academies or just mine. This is my second school, but it seems to be really bad here. Just wanted to know if it was like this everywhere else.

Scrub area for 10 minutes, then stick an apple in your ass.

put a little bleach on it when you first get out of the shower and the pores are open. That works best

put a little bleach on it when you first get out of the shower and the pores are open. That works best

1. Some day, MMA.TV will have a direct link to the correct answer
to this question.

2. It's a bad idea to solicit medical advice on a public forum such
as this; that's how you get advice like "put bleach on it" or "stick
an apple up your ass", which are about equally valid.

3. Don't put bleach on it. Or stick an apple up your ass. Bleach
doesn't do anything to most ringworm, & it damages the skin.

4. The best solution is to wash it thoroughly, dry it thoroughly, &
apply the antifungal of your choice. Powdered antifungals are
best, as they promote moisture the least. The key is to keep it
clean, dry & treated. Fungus loves moist, dark places, so do not
bandage it, overwash it, or apply fluids or oils to it.

5. & don't share it with your training partners, either. Take some
time off; visit your family, whatever. You don't make things better
by spreading the love, in this case.

6. A lot of places don't have it; it's very simple: if your training
area & partners aren't clean, it's gonna show. If your school
doesn't clean the mats every day, or doesn't actively discourage
members from training w/ringworm, suggest that they do or take
your business elsewhere.


Alternate treatment (every three hours) between Desinex and Lamisil. The active ingredients in these two over the counter items (Terbinafine Hydrochloride and Miconazole Nitrate) will kill 99% of any Ringworm strain. Will probably take a week.

Ringworm doesn't like sunlight.

I sprayed the powder Desinex on mine at night and slept with an ace bandage over it.

Thanks for all of the advice. I think I will go out and buy some OTC antifungal cream.

We wash our mats every night and our instructor does stress the importance of sitting out with ringworm, but for some reason it seems to always pop up. I guess there will always be jerks like that.

i did a biology report on ringworm, and i have it right now too. it sucks

DJDB is right (I am a physician who also trains MMA).

Few things,

Lamisil AT is the OTC antifungal that used to be only in prescription form. It has the same drug in it that is prescribed in pill form for ringworm.

Guys at our gym prefer the spray antifungals because they believe that it stays on the skin longer. I can corroborate that it does stay on the skin longer, and it seems to work well. (Lamisil doesnt make a spray)

I use both.

Anecdotally, it seems like the first time you get it, it takes longer to get rid of then if you get it a second time or more. I dont have any proof and there are no studies to that effect, but I have just noticed that.

Alot of guys at the gym use bleach. I dont think that it is a good idea, it does tend to scar the skin. Some swear by it and I have to say that I have seen it work, but why damage your tissues?

No matter how clean the mats are, if someone comes to the gym with it, it is bound to spread. (No brainer)

Also consider getting a skin protectant like kenshield. I can get you some for less than you can get it on the internet. I can get it by the can or by the case. Our whole gym uses it. It is used by almost all wrestling gyms that I have checked. I use it myself as well as alot of guys at our gym.

Just my two cents.

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"Little red bumps that itch, moist dark places, sharing it with you partner, apples, oils, cremes, powders, and bleach"

this thread has DEFINITELY caught it!

dude, lamisil is 1000% more effective than any solution I have heard of or tried.

Thanks pbolger for the info. Any thoughts on why it would take longer to get rid of it the second, and third times? Thats pretty interesting.

I would be interested in buying some of the skin guard from you since "The worm" is so prevelant in our gym. Where are you located?

I am out of Davenport, Iowa.

What I meant is that I think that it goes away quicker the second time (may have to do with your immune system developing a response quicker).

I wont go on the mats without Kenshield.

For someone that has naturally oily skin, oils are only going to amplify the problem.

For someone who has a busy schedule or is otherwise inattentive, burning agents are bad news. Anyway, there's really no point in using a product that can damage your skin to clear up a fungus that is damaging your skin.

It may work for YOU, but it's not the best solution for everyone. That is why science does not rely on anecdotal evidence like yours.

& I'd be a thousand times more leery of purchasing medical products from a chat group stranger than I would simply taking advice from one. Sorry, pbolger.

Keep your mats clean, shower immediately after training, & hold no mercy for dirty training partners & you won't need to buy any products to protect yourself.


OK...they local pharmacy has both LAMISIL cream and the spray. Which is better and how often should I apply it?

Regarding the KENSHEILD, do they sell that at a pharmacy or something? Or is ordering it over the internet the only way?

Thanks Guys

go to the doctor. he can give you a prescription for one pill - dont remember the name. you take this pill and then go work up a heavy sweat for 30mins.

then you have to sit in your sweaty clothes for 8 hours as the medicine that you ingested in pill form excretes with your sweat through your pores.

sounds like a load of shit but im not kidding.

I heard if you pee on it then the stinging goes away.

Wait, that's just for jellyfish.



for those who have girlfriends ask them for some vagasil cream... seriously works.. has the same stuff in it as the other anti fungal creams but at a higher percentage..

THE "Worm" is one tough mofo.. He can KO anyone LOL