Rio - 1000 cops into Alemao Favela

At least 18 people have been killed in clashes between police and gangsters in a slum in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, authorities have said.

Guns and grenades were used in the fighting, with armoured vehicles and helicopters backing police units.

The violence reportedly began when more than 1,000 policemen advanced on the slum stronghold of a drug-dealing gang.

Rio de Janeiro officials are trying to make the city safer before it hosts the Pan-American games on 13 July.

Some 5,500 athletes and around 800,000 tourists are expected to visit the city for the games.

"more than 1000 police"

thats one big stronghold if they needed more than 1000 cops !

alemao is one of several favelas in mare.... 1000 cops is a lot but it doesn't make much sense to invade a favela more than 20 miles away from where the games are being played... this is only going to make things worse.... 1st rio doesn't finish the facilities and then makes the mistake of invading a favela nowhere near where any of the athletes are going to be... good job.

The one point of the news that is somewhat shocking(though not for Brasil)

guns and GRENADES!!!

They are throwing fucking GRENADES@ EACH OTHER!!! Seriously think about that!

My granfather took shrapnel twice and was F'd up for the rest of his life after...

With all the tan booty runnin around, can't we all just get along??

I'm with you Travis! TTT for getting along with tan booty.

Amazingly it took 1000 cops more than 5 hours to work their way a very small distance. From looking at the maps shown on the TV news it'd take something like 10000 cops coming in from all around the group of favellas (the conjunct of alemao is made up of a LOT of favellas) to actually be able to take control.

Also, don't think the criminal factions just sit in the favellas all day smoking crack. They come out and do all kinds of fucked up shit, not just robbery and drug dealing but recently random attacks on busses and police in the streets.

And that was without the pan ams. With then it's gonna be a whole other level if the police don't do something first, which is what they're trying to do.


yeah pre emptive strikes always work well with unruly forces.

I wouldn't call this pre-emptive. More responsive. I know the difference may appear subtle. :\

1000 officers and those were the policia militar right?

Guys that is nothing more than a death squad hit.

They have been doing that for a long time. I read a long time ago about how they would round up homeless kids at night, beat the shit out of them and kill one, just to let the others go to send a message to stay away from the tourist areas.

With 1000 officers, you aren't trying to sneak in. You are expecting an all out war.

They went in to kill people, not arrest them.

tough life..

Some people need killin.

continue going to Rio friends, pussy don't shoot bullets

No thanks I can find plenty brazilians to back stab me in my own country thank you ;-)

more like porra...

I spent 3 months in Rio last summer, and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone who isnt interested in BJJ. Yes, it's a very aethetically pleasing city with beaches and gorgeous women. However, the divide between the rich and poor is astonishing. As a result crime in a major problem. Take a look at Copacabana at night - it turns into a pure ghosttown. The place literraly becomes deserted.. I met many people who stayed at my hostel that were robbed (including the Brazilian guy that worked there (4 times!!)).

The people baracade themselves in their apartment buildings with security guards and steel fences. Still, I found it difficult to believe that Rio could go on much longer without turning into complete anarchy. No matter what measures the middle and rich classes take to protect themselves, eventually the sheer number of people living in abject poverty will rise up.

its a fact of life.... alemao needs to have 1000 cops there if they want to stop the trafficking. Honestly, Brazil should become a military government state again and clean up the favelas....

The main problem is these drug dealers are the only influx of cash into the favelas. If the drugs were not there, the cash from drug users would not enter the market there. The traffickers are the people that support these settlements.

Honestly, the market is so slanted. Brazilian rich people are super rich; can't spend all their money so they can buy a 2002 3 series BMW for close to 50,000 dollars. The amount of money rich people have there is sick. I know quite a few of these people and spending 1000's of reais a day is not a problem for them and they don't even think about the poor people.

In the US I am a republican, but Brazil is so jacked up, something needs to be done for the poor; otherwise the dwindling middle class will exponentially decrease, leaving the have a lot and the have nots as the only people in the country.

Brazil is hopeless..... Burgeoning market but with the problems, I think it might be impossible to fix them.

"Take a look at Copacabana at night - it turns into a pure ghosttown."

Then you haven´t been outside Help. ;-)

I've been to Help - lots of fun.

Man, after seeing the pictures and hearing stories about tourists being mugged and beaten up, it makes me wonder about going to Rio to train BJJ.

I don't know but you look at countries like China which is corrupt & the people can be "hard" in their attitude but you just don't have that wide spread type of drug dealing and criminal activity.