Rio Carnival 2008 accom

Hi guys,

Just after any good tips from the many Brazilian connections on here about the best place to find some accommodation during carnival? I was in Rio a few years back for a couple of weeks training and have a few ideas already but would appreciate any input.

Am taking the gf so will only be there for a week before travelling to Peru/Bolivia/Ecuador for a month.

Cheers in advance,


oh my god, ur going to rio/ brazil during carnivale, and ur taking ur gf. please hand in ur man licence now.

thats a god damn travesty.

Carnival??? that's the worst possible time to go there.

And with your girlfriend? ... the others have already mentoned ...

Im over in Rio now, for 6 months training bjj (been here a month tomorrow)...
Apparently all the prices go up for accomodation quite a bit (especially for foreigners) during Carnivale, and unless you're gonna book your probably gonna have trouble finding a place when you rock up. Id recommend just staying at a hostel, cheap, friendly and you shouldnt have too many problems getting accomodation.
But for fucks sake, dont bring a girlfriend, or when you rock up, you'll start to cry...

Thanks for the advice gents.

I did mention I'd been there before so yes I know what I'm in for, the women are amazing (but not as good as the girls in Latvia....if you ever get the chance!!!). I had plenty of fun last time so I'm sure I'll cope.

We've been looking at prices and most hotels are already US$200-$400 a night so it might be a hostel again unfortunately.

Anyone know exactly which part of town the main parade happens? I assume it's Copacabana but am not sure.



Foreigners get shafted in Rio for Carnival. Its also very very high crime rate that time of year. If you're going to stay for any length of time, consider a serviced apartment.