Rio gets Olympics=BJJ to games?

So with the 2016 games being in Rio any chance that BJJ gets added to the games?

After all if I'm not mistaken this is how Judo became an Olympic sport.

Its not gonna happen

not even as a demo sport?

Don't think it is gonna happen and sure HOPE it never will!

I also don't think it would be great news but was just thinking about the possibility.

That being said the rules are basically going in the same direction that they would if they were an Olympic sport so...

 that would be awesome

but I doubt it

If it was included, you wouldnt even notice.

Not a prayer. Too similar to Judo. Not enough international representation/organization.

What would you consider enough international representation to be at least a demo sport?

I mean to keep with the Judo comparison Japan pretty much had that on lockdown in 1964.

If it happens it will be the end of BJJ. Making judo into a spectator sport is what killed judo.

lol, capoeira has a better shot in reality. And judo was spread out enough by '64 to get the inclusion, as countries could field teams and the worlds were def unified along with proper governing bodies. We need to really look at getting submission wrestling in and give up on getting bjj in ever.

MMA in the form of "Pankration" is more likely IMO.

Pankration was one of the original olympic sports, and with the MMA craze over the last few years I can see it being at the very least considered.

 I'm thinking all the highest ranking members of the Gracie family are already putting their proposals together.

That ^ is a list of what needs to happen for it to be an Olympic sport.

Did China have wushu as a demo sport?

why does everyone think that BJJ will be an olympic sport just bc the olympics are in brazil? such a small percentage of the pop could give a shit about BJJ, who is on the olympic commitees in brazil to make this happen??

it's not going to happen


NO DISRESPECT to any martial art, but if Wushu and TKD got in, WHY NOT BJJ? The time is NOW!! We must CHANGE and UNIFY BJJ competition rules to something that will reward and encourage exciting matches the general public will want to see. Instead of boring matches and wins by advantage!!

Submission Grappling the way ADCC judges its events has a much better chance than BJJ!!

Otherwise BJJ is Doomed for 2016 Olympics and beyond.

Its worth a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My .02 cents

by 1964 Judo was huge across the USA (bigger than it is now, by far) and throughout Europe and Asia. Judo did not get into the games only becuase of Japan-- lots of countries were foaming at the mouth for Judo to get in. In reality right now there might be 5 countries that would really support BJJ getting into the games. The world championships had how many countried represented???

see my point?

 lets see



















would submit teams.