Rio Heroes 15 tonight?

the site isnt working for me anyone have any info


this says its Feb 26th

i havent missed one for a while i wonder what the fuck is going on


TRANSLATION (from Portuguese):
MMA EUROPE website

According to the Brazilian Vale-Tudo confederation, Rio Heroes violates all the International rules for MMA. The extreme violence of the matches is shocking even for professional fighters.

But the organizers of the event will only be charged for minor criminal offenses.
“They’ll be charged for helping illegal betting”, says Police chief Arquimedes Jr.
It’s a minor crime, like many others in Brazil connected with common betting. In similar cases the defendant usually pays a light money fee.

Police closed the fight club this week. The investigators know that it’s only a matter of time for them to move somewhere else.

“They are like gypsies”, says the Police chief.
“When an athlete die they’ll blame the sport but the guilty is who’s promoting and letting this happening” finalizes Sérgio Batarelli.

sombody from brazil came on here after the last show saying rioheros was being investigated...they may have gotten shutdown.

(edited because oddessa cleared this up)


they got arrested.


that is some shit

thanks for the info Oddessa

then again i guess it was only a matter of time

i had a 5 months membership to watch all the old & new events. but the site is down now i guess. Am i screwed?

I only saw that online and saved it because it was of interest....... mma & gambling...

I have no idea how accurate it is.....cant believe everything you read online.

i guess it all came spiraling down after the finals of the last event

i remember one of the fighters injuring his neck up against the cage/fence and then proceeding to vomit all over the mat

but as shitty as rio heroes was sometimes, i enjoyed watching it

I cant even download them of EMULE. Been trying to find it.

good thing I bought events 1-8 on DVD off!

"Rio Heroes violates all the International rules for MMA. "

What exactly are the "International MMA Rules" and who is the governing authority?????

what is batarelli trying to say there? that its too violent? LOL! ivc was way more brutal(and better) than rio heroes.

Looks like Dana snitched on them to the authorities.

LOL@'"They are like gypsies"

<i had a 5 months membership to watch all the old & new events. but the site is down now i guess. Am i screwed? >

You're not the only one.  I paid thru Paypal so I'm filing a claim with them.  And the guy who hit his head on the fence and threw up is okay.  These things happen.

                                Elbow in the back!  This is real fighting for real men!

Rio Heroes is done!

"Am i screwed?"

Not if you used a credit card. File a chargeback.

For you paypal users, don't file through paypal. They suck.

File directly with your CC company that paypal charged. Unless they drafted your bank account. Then you might be fucked. I'd file with your bank.

'Rio Heroes is done!'

Back to Felony fights then...