RIO HEROES=good/bad??

im about to watch the first four shows of Rio heroes....i wanna get your thoughts on it, is it a good event??are the fighters any good??it is just stand up striking right or is there groundwork??are there any fighters at rio heroes that could beat kimbo??


Rio Heroes = good

Fire = bad

The first couple shows suck but when they started fighting in the half cage half wall the fights were good.

I have RH1-8 on DVD and they get better as they go along!

As long as it's free, I'm liking it.

I'd pay for the show but I'd hope for a great stream and better audio. Ahh hell, I'd pay a little more for Jason(?) to learn how to use a mic.

I like the fact it's not all show biz pyro and silicone ringgirls.

Malachy in 08

1-4 weren't very good imo.

are there any standout hvwts in the show??there are weight classes right??


Not that i watch porn or anything, but someone told me that Kimbo is
on the website, i think he's some kind of pornographer or

anyone know where I can watch this show???

Their first shows sucks, sucks a lot!!!!!

Bry Bry

"are there any standout hvwts in the show??there are weight classes right??"

Yes, it has to. Thiago 'Monstro' Santos (RH 10) and Marcelo 'Broa' Mendes (RH 7) are the two last heavyweight champions.

Their weight classes are super lightweight, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. I really don't know if they have a 205lbs division. Former SHOOTO champion, Alexandre 'Pequeno' Franca Nogueira made three champions in three different categories, Marcio Soares (light), Pedro Santos(middle 2x champion) and Mendes (heavy)


"anyone know where I can watch this show???"

First few shows aren't too good but they improve all the time.  It's the closest thing you'll find to real honest to Pete Vale Tudo.

Honest to Pele more like!!!^^^^