RIP Alexis Arguello.

 RIP to a great fighter.

RIP Hall of famer. :(


He was one of my favorite boxers.

 So sad,

Alexis was my favorite fighter for years.Yes,his fights with Pryor devastated me.

 RIP Mr Alexis Arguello

 Wow, shocker.  RIP to an all time great.

RIP :(

According to Wikipedia, he shot himself through the heart. :(


He was my favorite boxer growing up. No fighter had more heart then him.


Damn, he just carried the flag for Argentina at the Olympics. RIP

RIP, one of the best ever.. 

Excuse me, Nicaragua, not Argentina.

Great fights with Aaron Pryor.


RIP Champ.

One of my fondest memories as a childhood fan was the Arguello-Andy Ganigan fight.


One of the best right crosses ever


One of the best right crosses ever

Definitely.  The way he set up Billy Costello for it was a thing of beauty. 

Perfect one-punch KO...

Bluenamer please.


Thanks Zrazy Cimmerman!

Apparently he was accused of misusing public funds. :(